Export GPX on Mobile

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Export a GPX file in the Ride with GPS mobile app for untethered syncing to the GPS device of your choice. This is a quick, easy way to load a track onto a bike computer for navigation while on the go.

Need a route to export? Use the app's EXPLORE tool to find the best routes in your area, or build a custom trip in our Route Planner on mobile or web


Why Use a GPX File? 

GPX files are a handy way to share a "breadcrumb trail" of GPS coordinates to a GPS device, or another mapping service, in order to use your Ride with GPS routes in another environment. The ability to export a GPX file in the app allows for on-the-go usage of these types of files. It is great for those moments when you arrive at the trailhead ready to rip, but forgot to load your route to your Wahoo. Exporting and sending the route over Bluetooth allows you to get where you want to go without syncing in advance. 

The GPX export that our app provides is a stripped down, coordinate only file. Your GPS head unit, or other mapping technology, will "connect the dots" between these coordinates to create your track line. This means that things like POI and custom cues will not come over from a GPX file; you'll be reliant on the mapping service that you use this file with to follow the route line and provide navigation.

You'll also find that you'll either need to be within cell or wifi data in order to export a route from the app.

For Wahoo and Garmin users, you may find that using their dedicated sync services is a more robust solution for bringing routes to your devices, unless you find yourself in a last-minute pinch or provide a very simplified navigation experience. 


Export a GPX File from the App


  1. View any ride or route in the app. 
  2. Look under the three dot menu in the upper right hand corner of the route and choose Export GPX
  3. From here, Android users will find that the GPX file will automatically download to your phone's Files app. You can retrieve the GPX file here in order to send it to a friend, or to another app, like Garmin Connect or Wahoo ELEMNT.
  4. iOS users can send the GPX file to a contact using your phone's sharing options, share it to another app for use there, or save it directly to your Files app.

Read on to discover the different scenarios where this can come in handy for you. 


Export to Share

Once you've exported the file you're riding with, you can use your phone's share menu to text or email it to your ride buddies. From there, they can save it to their phone or send the file to their GPS device.


Send to Device


Most Garmin devices that pair with Garmin Connect (including Edge models, and watches that offer breadcrumb trail nav, like the Forerunner and Fenix series devices) can accept a GPX file via this app. 

Before sending a GPX file to your Garmin device, make sure you have the Garmin Connect Mobile app installed on your phone, and pair your GPS device with this app over Bluetooth.

  1. View any ride or route in the app. 
  2. Look under Menu > Export GPX
  3. iOS users can choose the Garmin Connect app from your phone's share menu to open the file here.
  4. Android users will find that the file will save directly to their Files app. They can access the file here and send it to the Garmin Connect app.
  5. Walk through the Course Setup steps in Garmin Connect to specify what type of activity this is intended for.
  6. Save your course, give it a name, and choose your privacy level.
  7. Then, tap the menu icon to choose Send to Device
  8. Choose your paired device from the list.
  9. Check your Garmin GPS device to see a Download Complete confirmation.
  10. This may vary based on your Garmin model, but you should be able to access the route for head unit navigation under your Saved Courses



Before sending a GPX file to your Wahoo, make sure you have the Wahoo ELMNT companion app installed on your phone, and pair your GPS device with this app over Bluetooth.

  1. View any ride or route in the app. 
  2. Look under Menu > Export GPX
  3. iOS users can choose the Wahoo ELEMNT app from your phone's share menu. This will open the GPX file in the Wahoo ELEMNT app.
  4. Android users will find that the file will save directly to their Files app. They can access the file here and send it to the Wahoo ELEMNT app.
  5. Make sure to Save the file within the Wahoo ELEMNT app.
  6. Once you've save the file here, send it to your Wahoo device. If you are connected to wifi, you can sync your Wahoo. If not, tap Workout in the bottom left corner of the ELEMNT app to send over Bluetooth.
  7. Tap Choose a Route.
  8. Find the route you want to ride.
  9. Tap Select.
  10. This will sync that route via Bluetooth and load to immediately start navigating on your Wahoo Elemnt.

Export to a Garmin eTrex

A Garmin eTrex is a very simple GPS headunit that runs on AA batteries and allows you to follow a breadcrumb trail, without an underlying map. It relies on GPX files loaded to SD cards. You can export a GPX file in-app to save it to one of these SD cards for use on a Garmin eTrex.

  1. View your desired ride or route in the app. 
  2. Look under Menu > Export GPX
  3. Android users will find that the GPX file automatically downloads to their phone's storage. iPhone users will see a share menu pop up, and from here can choose Save to Files to save this to their phone's Downloads folder. 
  4. Next, retrieve your eTrex's SD card (located in the device underneath the batteries) and connect this to your phone. Note: depending on your phone's hardware, you may need an adapter to plug this SD card in directly.
  5. Locate your exported GPX file in the Files app. Android users can find this under Files > Internal Storage > Downloads, while folks on iOS will have this in their default download location (likely, Files > iCloud Drive > Downloads).
  6. On Android, tap the menu next to the item. iOS users will tap the file itself, then tap the carrot (^) icon next to the file name. 
  7. On Android, select either Copy to or Move to. On iOS, your choices are Duplicate or Move.
  8. Then, choose where to copy or move the file to. You'll use your Files app to navigate directly to the SD card, under Garmin > GPX.
  9. Eject the SD card and install it back in your eTrex. 

Flexible Route Planning

Mobile Route Planner + Send to Device 

Premium or Basic members can use our Mobile Route Planner to build routes on the go, and use a GPX export to send to your GPS device as described above. This is helpful for spontaneous route planning, or for multi-day tours and bikepacking trips where you plan out the next day's itinerary each evening. You will need a solid cell data or wifi connection in order to use the Mobile Route Planner, but these mobile app tools eliminate the need for a laptop to enable this process.

Use Ride with GPS Routes with Other Apps

Looking for campsites, rail trails, resupply stops, or other services along your path? Export a GPX file to another service that specializes in mapping those features, like Google Maps, onX, or TrailLinks. 



  • I navigated a GPX file with my GPS computer, but didn't get any custom cues or see my POI. Why are these missing?
    • GPX export will not bring these over, this provides a simple track line only.
  • Can I export a GPX file if I am outside of cell data or wifi range? 
    • Service is required to export a GPX file, even if you have a route downloaded for offline use.