Club Route Library Map View

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Your club’s routes can be viewed on a single, interactive map on Ride with GPS.

Get started by visiting your club’s homepage and click Route Map View.


Simply click the interactive map or search keywords or start locations to visually access your club’s entire lineup of routes including alternate versions and variations.

Our map-forward interface provides immediate reference for your club’s entire catalog. Instantly identify any planned route or subset of routes by panning and zooming within the map.


This map view is also available on your personal account’s rides and routes pages.

When viewing the map, numbered clusters representing groups of routes are expandable by clicking the icons, displaying the routes contained within. Hover over the green Start icons or specific routes within the result cards to highlight the corresponding route on the map.




Club Route Heatmap

Your club’s routes now have a heatmap of their own. The green lines on the map are your club’s Organization Routes Heatmap.

Populated by the existing routes in your club’s library, your Organization Routes Heatmap grows with each new route created in the Route Planner and saved to your club account. The Organization Routes Heatmap overlay is enabled by default for all viewers. Toggle it off an on by clicking Heatmap at the top of the map. You will also have access to our Global Heatmap when viewing the Route Map View page.


The Organization Routes Heatmap integrates seamlessly with our web-based Inspect tool to provide a detailed window on your planned routes. Click anywhere within your Organization Routes Heatmap to identify your club’s routes passing through a specified point. Select any of the result cards to highlight routes on the map, or click View Route to be directed to the corresponding page for more detail and to Pin or export a file.