Route Reviews

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Help folks find their next great ride. Route Reviews help collect on-the-ground, qualitative data on route conditions and suitability. 

Basic or Premium subscribers can navigate any public routes in the Ride with GPS app. 


👍 Reviews

After someone rides a route, they may be asked if they want to recommend (or not recommend) the course. As part of their recommendation, folks may offer some qualitative data around why (or why not) they'd ride the route again. On the ground feedback from someone who has completed the route can help you decide if this route is right for you. Ultimately, we hope that these notes point you towards better bike rides!




Review Requests

You may get an email from us with an ask to recommend a public route that you've navigated or recorded sometime in the last two weeks. If you're asked, we'd love to see you leave a recommendation! This helps the larger Ride with GPS community find their next great trip from our public route library


To see your available or completed reviews, check our your Route Reviews page

Reviews can only be offered upon our request. This helps ensure high quality reviews from folks who have first hand experience of the route in question.



Once you give a route a thumbs up or thumbs down, you expand some options to specify why you rated it the way that you did, and add some comments if so desired. Please note that the reviews you leave, including the date of your completed ride, will be visible on the public route page for others (including the route creator!) to see, even if you have a private or Friends Only Ride with GPS profile. However, your profile and ride will not be accessible to others if your profile is set to private or Friends Only.

If you have a public profile and/or rides, these items will be accessible from your route reviews. You can explore your account and activity privacy options in case you want to make any changes to the visibility of your data.


You can also go back to any route review you have published and delete it at any point. 


Deleting your ride recording will not delete your route review. If you deactivate your account, or if the route itself is deleted, then any associated route reviews are also deleted.



Why should I review my own route?

  • Any public routes are available for others to find and navigate. Recommending your own route helps let other folks know that it has been ridden and verified.
  • If you'd rather not allow other folks to use your routes, you can change the privacy level and mark them as "friends only" or "private." We do not solicit reviews on non-public routes.

I want to opt out of review emails.

I loved a route, but don't want to give it a thumbs up because it might not be a good choice for every rider. Is there any way to provide nuanced feedback? 

  • Choose either "Yes, it's great!" or "No, it's not for everyone." Once you do this you can offer more thoughts on what type of riders might like this, or what to look out for along the way.