Shop Account Setup

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The Shop Account works much like a regular account, except it can be used by multiple people to administer routes for your shop. It has its own list of routes, events, and can be used to plan new routes.

Get started with your Shop Account

First, you’ll want to start filling out some details for your shop. Give a description and set a profile picture and logo. Any approved member that is also an Admin will have the ability to edit your account's settings and description.

  • After you sign into your own account, on the leftside navigation bar you'll see your shop icon.
  • Your new account will have the default shop icon until you upload a new logo.
  • Click on the Shop Account icon.


Set up your Shop account

To start configuring your account, click the Manage Account button on your club’s navigation bar. Only members with the Admin and Billing Manager permissions will have access to this page.

Click Manage Account



The Account tab is where Club Admins can enter information such as the shop's name, subheader, contact information, and load the club’s logo and cover images. All these details will display on your club’s home page once you save.

  • Name: The name of your club.
  • Subhead: A single sentence to describe your club.
  • Facebook URL: (Optional) Paste in a link to your club's Facebook page.
  • Twitter URL: (Optional) Paste in a link to your club's Twitter account.
  • Instagram URL: (Optional) Paste in a link to your club's Instagram account.
  • Contact Name: The name of the club admin members should contact with questions.
  • Contact Email: The email of the club admin members should contact with questions.
  • Logo Image: A squared image of your club logo.
  • Cover Image: A photo to represent your ridership.

Be sure to click Save to retain all your changes.



This is where you will set your default starting location when planning routes and the time zone for your club’s events. Be sure to click Save to retain your location change.


  • Invite Only - only allow members with invite link to join account:
    • Riders can only join if they click the auto-approval link that is shared with them.
  • Apply to Join - homepage will display a Apply to Join button
    • This requires Member Managers to allow these users into the account from the Members page.
  • Open to All - homepage will display a Join Now button to allow anyone to instantly have membership to the account
    • This will bypass the need to share the Invite Members link or approve members after they click Apply to Join.
  • Require members to set a name and e-mail address:
    • This allows you to get a name an e-mail address from anyone.


  • Enable messages
    • A message board to share with account members.
  • Allow members to post messages
    • Allow all members to post messages to the rest of your ridership.

Privacy Settings

  • Default privacy setting for routes
    • Set a default privacy for your routes when routes are save or copied to the account.
  • Default privacy setting for events
    • Set a default privacy for your events when events are created
  • Default privacy setting for rides
    • Set a default privacy for rides when rides are uploaded to the account
  • Disable ability to copy routes for everyone except route managers
    • Remove the option on all of your routes to allow them to be copied by people other than those signed into your account.
  • Enable calendar & events
    • A shared calendar to announce rides.
  • Default to List View Calendar View
    • Set the club’s event page to default to Calendar View or List View
  • Use metric units when signed into the account:
    • The account preferences will over-ride the rider’s preferences when viewing a route.


Account Description

Click Edit Description to add and edit a description. This is where you will want to tell more about your shop, expectations of riders, what to bring on a ride, contact info, or whatever else you feel needs to be included in your homepage. 
This is a great place to add your member auto-approval link too. 
In addition to normal text, you can use headings, lists, links, and additional text formatting. Click and drag across some text to see the formatting options.


Members assigned the Billing Manager and Admin permissions have the ability access the Billing tab where they’ll be able to add and update payment information, see transaction history, and print receipts.

Manage Billing

On this page you’ll be able to do the following:
  • View the account status if inactive or yearly
  • View the Transaction log to see previous charges and dates
  • Update payment info
  • View next billing date
  • Generate a receipt

Check out our help page on Club Billing for more information. 


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To get started with your own shop account, Start Here.

If you have any questions about a club account, contact Shop Support.