Managing Shop Account Members

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The Shop Account allows you to invite, approve, and manage membership to your account. You can also assign roles to your members to manage the route library, other members, and billing.

Assign Abilities

As an account admin, you can assign abilities to other members:

  • Account Admins: have the ability control account settings, lock routes, edit account description, and have all the other manager permissions.
  • Route Managers: have the ability to add, edit, delete routes, events, and Collections from the library.
  • Billing Managers: have the ability to view/edit the subscription information and transaction history of the club account.
  • Member Managers: have the ability to add, remove, assign privileges of other members, and mark existing members as active or inactive.
  • Active Members: have full access to signature features on all of the account's routes and events, but can not make any administrative changes to the account (this is the default selection when a member is approved).
  • Non-Active Club Members: do not have access to anything on the Club Account that is not set to public. Although they have not been removed from the Club, they do not have Club Member Benefits on any routes or events. This is useful if you have members with expired membership that have yet to renew. (Note: if you mark a member as inactive, they will not be able to click the auto-approval link to become active again.)

Account member information is only visible to those that are assigned as Admin and Member Manager.


Invite Members

There are three ways to add members to your Club Account managed from your Preferences page:

  1. Allow anyone to join without pre-approval by using the Open to All setting - this will show a Join Now button on your homepage.
  2. Send members an Auto-Approval Link that will add them as an approved member when they click the link.
  3. Direct them to your Club page and have them click the Apply to Join.

Screenshot 2024-05-10 at 10.36.28 AM.png

Open to All - Join Now

This option allows anyone who accesses your Club Account homepage the ability to click the Join Now button and instantly join the account.


Auto-approve link

Any member that has the ability to manage members has a button to “Invite Members”. Click this button to get a pop-up with a link to share via to the members that you wish to add to the group. (Note: if you mark a member as inactive, they will not be able to click the auto-approval link to become active again.)

The Auto-approval link can be shared anywhere you please. We recommend adding a button on your website, in social posts, in emails, and on your Shop Account's homepage to make it easy to add members to your account. 



Anyone that clicks this link will be automatically added as an approved member. If they are not signed in, they will be prompted to sign into the website or create a free Ride with GPS account.



When you send out the auto-approval link to your riders, we recommend also sending them a link to the member benefits page as well to give them an overview of features they’ll have access to and show them how to use those features.

If you require members to set a name and e-mail address for your account, then after the rider clicks the auto approve link and is added to the account they will be prompted to enter a name and email address. (If this information is on the member’s profile page, it will automatically be populated.) This allows the the account managers to keep the rider in communication about club notifications.



Apply to join

You can display an Apply to Join link on your Club Page if you choose.



Anytime someone clicks this link, a new member request email will be sent out to the account's member managers. They can approve any members they wish to approve and set the appropriate permission levels or delete the request from the member list.



Make the club invite only

You can remove the Apply to Join button. Only members that have clicked the auto-approve link that you have sent to them will be able to join the account.

  1. Click Manage Account
  2. Click Preferences.
  3. Check the box "Only Allow Members with the invite link..."
  4. Click Save to finish.


Search the Member List

Click on the text field next to the magnifying glass and start searching for members by first name, last name, or e-mail address. The results will show up immediately.

You can also filter your member list by member privileges such as All Members, Route Managers, and Non-Managers.


Sort members

Click on the column headers to sort your members, click a second time to reverse the sort order.


Tag members

Member managers can tag members of the account. This allows you to add members to specific groups, which you can then filter on and message in bulk. Members can have as many tags as you choose to add.
  1. Select the members you wish to tag.
  2. Click Set Tags
  3. In the Tags field, type in the desired tag or click to show the list of available tags.
  4. After you have typed a tag, press enter to complete the tag. It will appear in a small box.
  5. Repeat these steps to add additional tags to the same members.
  6. Click the Add tags button to finish adding the tag to the members or click Remove tags to remove the tag from the members.


Reconcile member names and emails

Member managers can double-click a member's first name, last name, and email address to update it to match their Shop Account's records. Changing the info in the member list does NOT affect the member's actual profile. It only affects how it is displayed in the member list.


Export member list

Member managers also have the ability to export the entire member list as a CSV file that can then be opened in any spreadsheet program like Excel or Google Sheets. This CSV will include the whole member list regardless of your current selection.



Here's an example of the CSV file imported into Google Sheets:



Active and inactive members

Member managers can mark members as active or inactive. Check the box next to the member names to select multiple members and mark them as inactive or active at the same time.


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