Welcome to Your New Shop Account. Let's Get Started!

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Your new Shop Account unlocks the ability to:

  • Engage your community.
  • Share routes and collections.
  • Embed maps and event calendar to your website.
  • Provide free navigation tools to account members.

Keep your audience informed, in the know and along for the ride! To get started, here are a few key steps to get the most out of your new shop account.

Build & Grow Your Route Library

Shop route libraries can be a valuable resource for your customers. You can quickly and easily transfer any routes you'd like to share from personal accounts into your new shop account – we'll show you how! 

If you need to add a large number of routes, we can help facilitate bulk route transfers. If this sounds like you, get in touch with us to start the process.

Additionally, you'll be able to plan routes from scratch using the Ride with GPS Route Planner. Your new shop account enables admin access for an unlimited number of route managers. This means multiple parties will be able to create, manage, and edit routes utilizing our suite of advanced route planning tools while signed into the account using their own credentials. 

Add Your Community

Community is central to your shop account. Your members will be able to access free turn-by-turn navigation and offline map downloads with no subscription required. Shop accounts can add an unlimited amount of members, so growing your community is as easy as sharing a link. Simply add members by sharing the Invite Members link available on your members page. This link will allow anyone who clicks it instant access to the Shop Account. They'll only need a free Ride with GPS account to join. 

Add this link to your newsletters, website, and social posts. Or turn the URL into a QR code and post it in your shop. New and long time customers will appreciate having your route library at their fingertips. 

Complete Your Profile

Your profile is the perfect place to tell the world who you are and what you do – brands you work with, range of services provided, shop hours, location, contact info, social links and any other information you'd like to put front and center. Add cover photos, upload your logo and website URL to send traffic and inquiries directly to your site. 

From your account homepage, click Edit Details to add text and links. 

Under Manage Account, upload your logo, a cover image, contact email, and social links. 


Give Your Routes Detail

Infuse your shop routes with helpful information by adding POI (Points of Interest) markers. Call out services, food stops, landmarks, geographical features, and other critical course information. Add detailed descriptions to provide an overview of the route experience, bike and tire recommendations or other specifics to help riders know what to expect. Additionally, photos will help give your customers a firsthand look at what your routes have to offer. These will also give your routes additional algorithmic weight in our search rankings so they can be found more easily! 

Embed Routes

Embeds give your website a great visual representation of where your rides go. We offer a few types of embeds to choose from. 

The Library Embed: compile multiple routes within a single map using tags and add layers of POI to showcase the best amenities, services, and bicycle friendly businesses in your area. Below is an example of this type of embed. Note that you can click on the route lines to show a preview, click points of interest, and toggle on/off point of interest categories. 


Single Route Embed: You can also add individual routes to your website. This style provides the option to show surface type and the elevation profile. Learn about getting this style of embed on your website here.


Create Collections

Collections are like folders, allowing you to categorize, group, and share routes according to location, region, country, season, distance, discipline or any desired theme. Collections enable your members to easily find and browse groups of road, gravel, MTB, or family-friendly bikepacking routes. Organize your routes however you choose. These will be available on your Shop Account page on the web and available to your members in the Ride with GPS mobile app. 

Create Events

Do you have weekly shop rides? Or shop-led overnighters? Add all of your events to your shop account so members can easily RSVP, access routes, and all important ride details. Hearing the question "What's the route?" will be a thing of the past. All events will be available via your shop account homepage on the web and in the app. You can also embed your events calendar to your website to keep your customers and members up to speed on shop rides.