Keyboard Shortcuts in the Route Planner

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Quickly toggle options in the route planner with keyboard shortcuts: map types, click modes, zoom levels, displays, and history.  

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Use your keyboard to toggle options in the Route Planner

Open up the Route Planner on a desktop or laptop to begin. You'll find that several keys on your keyboard have functions -- like [Enter] to confirm dialog, and [ESC] to close the context menu, POI and Cue dialogs, and deselect the elevation profile. 

Below are a number of options listed below that are geared towards making your route planning experience more fluid. 



Screenshot 2023-12-20 at 14.35.15.png


More route planner shortcut tips:

  • [Alt/Option]-Click on route line to add control point; and [Alt/Option]-Click on a control point to remove it. 
  • Double-click on the elevation profile of the route you are working on to quickly select hills, descents, and flats.