Advanced Map Layers

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Make crucial route planning decisions with our Advanced Map Layers. They can help you plan around current conditions on the ground like snowpack, headwinds, or gnarly air quality. 

Take your route planning to the next level. Advanced Map Layers are available with a Premium membership.

Accessing Advanced Map Layers

Premium subscribers can access a variety of map layers that can be useful for route planning. Access them from the Web Route Planner by clicking on the Layers tab, then check off the map layers you'd like to view.

Available Map Layers

Currently, we offer five different map layers:

Snow Cover

This map layer uses NOAA-derived data to show current snow conditions along your route. Use it in combination with our 7-Day Heatmap while planning those shoulder season excursions to keep your feet dry!

Air Quality

This map layer uses NOAA-derived data to show the current Air Quality Index (AQI) along your route. This layer is great for locating pollution from things like wildfire smoke, so you can time your ride perfectly.

Wind Speed

This map layer uses NOAA-derived data to show real time wind speed conditions along your route. Pair it with the Wind Direction layer to check out a forecast for your route!

Wind Direction

This map layer uses NOAA-derived data to show real time wind direction along your route. Check it before you head out, and use the reverse tool to always keep the wind at your back!

wind gif.gif

Unpaved Surfaces

This map layer allows you to easily visualize unpaved surfaces in the Route Planner. Only roads that allow cycling are highlighted with this map layer, so dedicated hiking trails won't be shown.


  • Why can't I see the option to toggle on Advanced Map Layers?
    • Currently, only users accessing Ride with GPS from the United States can access Advanced Map Layers. Our map data at this point is only available for the United States.
  • I can see the option to toggle on Advanced Map Layers, but I'm not in the United States. Why is that?
    • If you accessed Advanced Map Layers at some point in time, you'll continue to be able to access this feature on your account, regardless of your current location.
  • Can I use Advanced Map Layers in Google-based map types?
    • No. You'll need to switch to an Open Street Map-based map type in order to utilize Advanced Map Layers.
  • Can I access Advanced Map Layers when viewing a ride or route's summary page?
    • At this time, Advanced Map Layers are only available in the web Route Planner.