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Connect a Wahoo ELEMNT to your Ride with GPS profile to sync route and ride data between the device and your Ride with GPS account.

Upgrade to a Premium membership to unlock our Advanced Route Planning tools and build great routes to navigate with your Wahoo ELEMNT.

Connect ELEMNT with Ride with GPS

Pair with your Phone

Grab your phone and make sure you have the Wahoo ELEMNT app installed and paired with your device. For more on this, check out Wahoo's support page

Authorize RWGPS Access

Next, sign in to Ride with GPS inside the Wahoo ELEMNT app. 

  • Launch the app and tap Profile
  • Go to Authorized Apps on iOS / Connected Apps on Android
  • Select Ride with GPS
  • Enter the email address and password that you use to sign into Ride with GPS. Note: if you use a Facebook or Apple ID to log in to RWGPS, you'll need to add an email and password to your profile in order to log in on Wahoo. You can do this on your web profile under Settings.
  • If your password isn't accepted, use our website to double check your password or set a new one. 


Sync Routes

Once you're authorized, it's time to sync! This will bring over all the routes from your Route Library, and anything you've pinned to your account. 

If you want to limit the amount of routes brought over, check out how to archive routes and keep them on your profile, but not on your Wahoo. 

  • Press the page button in the lower right corner of the ELEMNT screen until you see a map, and route appears just above the lower left button. Note: On some Wahoo devices, you'll see three dots instead of route.
  • Press the left button to choose a route.
  • Use the arrow buttons to scroll down to the "Synced X Days Ago" line. Once highlighted, press the middle button to sync your routes. Note: ELEMNT will not automatically fetch any new routes, so make sure to sync any time you want to push routes over!
  • Select a route to start navigation.



  • Will my saved rides sync back to Ride with GPS?
    • Yes, as long as you authorize this during setup.
  • Will these routes be available offline?
    • Yes, as long as they are successfully loaded to your GPS. The list of routes you see on the routes page have all downloaded to the device and are ready to navigate without a wifi connection. However, you will need to connect your ELEMNT to wifi in order to sync new routes over.
  • I need more help with my Wahoo ELEMNT, where do I go?

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