Create Route PDFs

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Route PDFs are helpful to distribute to riders participating in group events, or to keep on hand as a hard copy navigational reference during a ride. Premium and Basic subscribers can create custom PDF maps and cuesheets.

No cuesheet on your route? Premium members can use the Trace Tool to generate navigational cues.


Print Map & Cue PDF

  1. Open your route from the RWGPS website.
  2. Click More in the upper left corner of your screen > Print Map & Cue PDF.
  3. Read on to learn about all the options you have to customize your cuesheet with the relevant information for your purposes. 


General Options

  • Page Size: US Letter, Legal, A4, and A3.
  • Units: Feet/Miles or Meters/Kilometers.
  • PDF Title: This defaults to the route name. Editing this will change the PDF title, but will not change the original route name.
  • Footer: Text entered here will appear at the very bottom of the PDF. Very useful for including contact info.
  • Include Map: The map is optional, in case you only want a cue sheet for turns.
  • Include Cuesheet: The cue sheet is optional, in case you only want an image of the map.

Map Options

  • Include a list of POI: 
    • Note: this option will only appear if your route has POI. 
    • Enable to list POI in the order they appear along the route.
    • Click Rearrange to drag and change the order of the POI in the list.
    • Unnamed POI will appear in the list as a blank, but numbered POI.
    • If your route doesn't include any POI, then nothing will be added to the PDF. 
  • Orientation: Landscape or Portrait. 
  • Include Elevation Profile: Useful info to help a rider visualize which hill they are on over the course of the ride.
  • Override elevation scale: Sometimes the elevation profile can flatten out hills or make small hills look large. Changing the minimum and max allows you the ability to customize the elevation to your liking.
  • Include Description: If your route includes a description, this will be included just below the route title. Note: for best results, limit the description to 900 characters in landscape mode, or 1600 characters in portrait mode.
  • Show coordinate grid on map: Include latitude and longitude grid lines on the map.
  • Overlay ordered cue sheet icons: Add numbers to each cue in the map, to cross reference against the cue sheet.
  • Show distance markers: Shows the mile/kilometer markers along the route.

Cuesheet Options

  • Orientation: Choose from portrait or landscape. 
  • Rows and Columns: Defaults to 2 x 2, to enable a printed cue sheet to be folded into fourths and fit nicely into a bag or pocket. You can change this to 1 column, 2 rows or 2 columns, 1 row.
  • Font Size: Defaults to 12, but can range from 10 to 16 point font.
  • Abbreviate cues: left > L, right > R

Cuesheet Order

  • Cuesheet Number: Overlaid cues are numbered in order to match cue icons in the map pdf.
  • Distance from start: Displays the total distance from the start to each cue.
  • Distance from last: Displays the distance traveled since the last cue.
  • Label: Displays the cue type as an icon for quick referencing. ex. left, right, food, etc. 

  • Notes: Displays the written cue direction and anything you've added to the Notes section of a cue, such as "Climb ahead" or "Gravel starts here."
  • Distance to next: Displays the distance to the next cue.

Click and drag the cuesheet column names to change the order in which they appear.



Check Include maps in cuesheets to include zoomed in map images within your cuesheet. This option will create more pages for your custom PDF, but it can be a good option to help you navigate unfamiliar locations. 

Click to enable this option then set the maximum width of your map images, or go with the default setting of 1,000 meters. 


Click Submit to create and download your custom PDF. Depending on your web browser's configuration, it may open directly in your web browser, download to your default downloads folder, or prompt you for a download location. Open the PDF with Adobe Acrobat, Apple Preview, or one of many other available PDF readers. Check out this sample final custom PDF.

Unhappy with the way the PDF turned out? Follow the steps above, adjusting custom options, then click Submit again to download it with the adjustments.


Club Logos and Setting Official PDFs

If your club has added a logo within the club's account settings, you'll have the option to replace the RWGPS logo with your Club's logo on your custom PDF. Note: Only Route Managers and club admins will have this option.

Setting an official PDF for your route will allow users who view your route in an event to be able to easily download the PDF from the event page. Click for more information about official PDFs.

To add your club's logo and set an official PDF follow the steps below:

  1. Sign into your account on our website
  2. Open your club home page > click Sign in as Club.
  3. Click Route Library > select the route and open in the PDF generator page.
  4. Under General Options, check to enable Include Club Logo.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Set Official PDF to make this PDF and settings official for this route. 


  • Pan and zoom the map to show more detail. 
  • At this time you can only print custom maps using OSM-based map types. Any Google-based maps won't be available as custom map options
  • Just looking to print a standard copy of the cuesheet? Click More in the route summary page > select Print Cuesheet to download a simple cuesheet.