The Elevation Profile on Web

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The Elevation Profile is a dynamic tool that helps you analyze climb and descent data, create segments to compare efforts across rides and riders, edit rides and routes, and deep dive into metrics.

Premium members can use the Elevation Profile to edit their rides, in case you need to remove accidentally recorded mileage or want to split up a multi day effort.


What's an Elevation Profile?

The elevation profile is a graph of a route or ride's elevation, mapped against distance (or time, based on your selection) to visualize the climbs and descents involved. It's also a great way to interact with your planned route or recorded ride based on various data points, like grade, heart rate, surfaces, and more.

Saved routes and rides include an elevation profile, and this is also displayed in the Route Planner for reference during planning. Route elevation data is pulled from elevation data in our routing engine, whereas ride elevation data is calculated from GPS and altimeter data collected by your phone or GPS unit during recording. 


Elevation Profile Tools

Mouse Over

Hover your cursor over the elevation profile to get data about the portion of your route or ride that your mouse is on top of. As you move laterally across the profile, you’ll see a corresponding location dot travel along your mapped line, to indicate which area of your route or ride you are inspecting.


Graph Overlays

The overall distance and elevation gain/loss are listed to the upper left side of the elevation profile. You'll also see elevation profile data display options here. Routes can toggle on views for ElevationSurfaces, and Grade. Recorded rides allow you to examine your Elevation, Grade, Speed, and sensor data (like heart rate or cadence). Clicking any of these available options will toggle on/off the corresponding data in your elevation profile.
When all options are activated, the graph can get a bit cluttered. Click the up arrow icon to the far left expand each metric as a  separate graph.  
On rides, you can also click the switch to time link at the bottom center of the elevation profile to view your elevation plotted over time rather than distance. 

Make a Selection

Click and drag across the elevation profile to select the corresponding section of your route or ride, and zoom in to your selection. You can adjust your selection by dragging the opposite ends of the selection box.
As you make a selection, a metrics display will appear to provide data that is specific to your selection. In the lower left corner of the pop-up, click Zoom out Map to see the full map. You’ll also see the left side panel metrics turn blue, representing the selected section. As you change the selection, the metrics will update to display the new section.
Zoom In/Out Elevation Use this option to change whether you see more or less of the elevation profile in relation to the selection you have made. Click Clear Selection to clear the selection you've made from the elevation profile.
You can share the selected portion of the route by copying the URL with the selection made. Here's an example:  

Edit a Ride

Once you select a portion of a ride's elevation profile, click Edit in the upper right corner to reveal the following Ride Cleanup options:
  • Note: any saved changes you make here cannot be reversed. If you want a backup copy of your unedited route or ride, we recommend that you download a TCX file before making any edits here. 
  • Flatten Selection - Use this to fix dips and spikes caused by bridges and tunnels. See Flatten Elevation for more info.
  • Unlocked with a Premium subscription:
    • Exclude from Metrics - Exclude the selected portion of your ride or route from from the overall ride metrics. Great for those times where you have to take a ferry, bus, or subway. 
    • Trim Ends - Everything outside the selection will be deleted when this tool is used. This is great for keeping only a section, or deleting the start/end at the same time.
    • Delete Section - The selection will be deleted. Great for cutting out that part of the ride where you forgot to turn off the GPS or stop recording.
After you've selected a ride/route edit, you'll see the option to Save Changes or Revert. If you're satisfied with the edit click Save Changes, if not click Revert. Note: Saved Changes cannot be

Save As

Segment - A segment is a section of a route that compares ride times against other riders. You'll be able to see how your effort compares against others' on the leaderboard. 
Separate Ride - Saving a selection as a separate ride will create a new ride recording on your account. This is particularly useful for times when you've accidentally recorded two rides in one recording session. Note this option appears on Ride recordings only. 
New Route - Saving a selection as a new route will create a new route for the selection from your ride. Note that this will not automatically create a cuesheet, but Premium users can use the Trace tool to add a cuesheet.