Ride Indoors with Wahoo

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You can use your Wahoo, paired with a Bluetooth smart trainer, to follow any Ride with GPS route indoors. 

Premium members can have stationary rides count toward their Ride with GPS career totals with Stationary Ride Support. 

Make sure you've connected your Wahoo and synced to Ride with GPS. Then, pair your smart trainer to your Wahoo.

  1. Power on your Wahoo GPS.
  2. Press the left side button.
  3. Scroll to Add Sensor.
  4. Pair your smart trainer to your Wahoo device as a sensor on the unit.
Now that your Wahoo and smart trainer are paired, you're ready to ride. 
  1. Press the left side button and toggle Location to Indoors.
  2. Press the left side button to return to the workout page.
  3. Start a workout on your Wahoo.
  4. Begin pedaling your bike to 'wake up' the smart trainer. The control page should pop up on your ELEMNT.
  5. Press Mode until Route - Select a route to simulate is shown at the top of the display
  6. Press the center button to select the route you wish to ride indoors.


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