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Archiving a route is a great option for users who sync with Wahoo that do not want their entire library to sync over. In addition to not appearing in third party integrations, archived routes will not show up in search results, the Find page, or the Import Routes and Rides feature of the Route Planner.

The Archive Route option on the web allows Premium members to clean up their route library without permanently deleting routes.

Archive a Route

  1. From your Route library, find the route you'd like to archive.
  2. Click the checkbox next to the route.
  3. See the Archive button appear at the top, and click it.


View Archived Routes

You can view your archived routes by clicking Options > Archived in your Route library. You can filter, sort, view, edit, and share archived routes. At this time, archived routes are only available on our website, not on the mobile app.

Restore Archived Routes

To add routes back into your route library, follow these steps:
  1. Open your Route Library. 
  2. Click Options > Archived.
  3. Click the checkbox next to the route you want to unarchive.
  4. Click Unarchive.

Frequently Asked Questions

My route is archived, but continues to sync to my Wahoo. Why is this happening?

If this happens, it's likely because your route is also Pinned. Pinned routes will override archived routes, and continue to sync to your Wahoo even if the route is archived.

I accidentally archived all of my routes and can no longer see the option to unarchive them! How can I fix this?

You can bring back the Options menu by creating a new route and saving it to your Route Library. Once you have at least one route saved in your route library, you'll be able to pull up your archived routes and unarchive them.

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