Account Settings

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Customize your Ride with GPS experience, including defaults settings, profile details, privacy levels, your subscription, and more. 

Looking to automatically sync rides and routes between RWGPS and your Garmin device? Look under your Connected Services settings to enable Garmin Connect. 


To view and manage your account settings, follow the steps below from any page on Ride with GPS.

  1. Log into your account on our website at
  2. Click your profile icon in the upper right corner of the webpage.
  3. Choose Settings from the drop down menu.




The email address listed here is what you used to register your account and sign into the website. You can change this at any time, unless there is another account registered to that address. If you run into this and discover that you have multiple RWGPS profiles, contact to request help merging and consolidating these.
You can also change your password on this page. Your password must be at least 4 characters long, and it does not require any numbers or special characters.
Be sure to click Save to retain any changes you've made!

Profile Photo

Click Add Photos to upload more photos to your profile. Click your current profile photo to view all available profile photos if you have more than one. Choose the photo you want to make your profile pic and click Set as Cover. You can also rotate, download, or delete the photo.



This is where you will set your default start location when planning routes. Enter your home or other starting location > Click Set. Then click Save Changes to confirm. Learn more about your start location.

Privacy Zones

Here you can set up your own Privacy Zones to obscure the location of your home or workplace.




  • Language
  • Units (metric/imperial)
  • Date format
  • Week format
  • Default gear
  • Home page location
  • Segment participation
  • Global heatmap participation



Opt in or out of email notifications for:

  • Direct messages
  • New comments
  • Segment personal records
  • New followers
  • Goal and challenge updates
  • Monthly summary
  • Route recommendation requests
  • Updates and announcements from Ride with GPS



Set default privacy levels (public, friends only, or private) You can also enable a private profile here.

  • Profile privacy
  • Default privacy setting for rides


Backups allow you to download all your recorded rides to your computer for the purpose of backing up your data. We backup our servers every day so you don't have to worry about data loss, this gives you the option to download a backup directly to your computer. 

Connected Services

The Connected Services tab allows you to link your RWGPS account with Strava, Relive, and Garmin Connect so that you can automatically sync files across apps. 


Enable or disable features on your account such as Surface Types and the updated Ride Page or Route Planner. 

Manage Subscription

Starter (free) users will see an Upgrade option, where you can choose a new subscription level and enter payment information.
Basic and Premium accounts will see this tab as Manage Subscription where you can update payment info and change your subscription level at any time.


Enter some personal health details here to calculate ride metrics like heart rate zones and estimated calorie expenditure. 



Create a profile widget here to include career stats or ride history on your personal website or blog.

Access Token

Got a promo code from RWGPS or your Club? Go to this tab to redeem a code and apply it to your account. Access Tokens can only be redeemed on subscriptions purchased through the RWGPS internal billing system. They must also be applied to your account before you purchase a subscription. 

Delete Account

Want to fully delete your account? Click Delete Account, then follow prompts to delete your account. Be sure you've canceled any auto-renewing subscriptions before deleting your account. 

After deletion, your account is deactivated but retained on our servers for 7 days, just in case. After this time it is purged from our backups, meaning that it is gone forever and not recoverable. Use this feature with caution! Read more about Account Deletion