Split, Combine, or Change an Existing Route

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Split, combine, or adjust an existing route to make it your own. 

Premium subscribers are equipped with Advanced Route Planning tools that allow you to customize your adventure. The split route tool breaks down a route into smaller subsections (which we recommend for multi-day tours and bikepacking trips). You can also combine multiple routes into one epic trip or change the trajectory of a route by adjusting start/end points.


Split Route

The Split Route tool allows you to take a longer route and split it into as many smaller routes as you want, without affecting the original route. These new routes will also include the POI of the original route within 3 miles (5km) of the track line. This is great for those longer multi-day tours you want to split into individual days or tiers. For mobile app performance, we recommend route lengths of no more than about 400-450 km, or 250-280 mi. 

  • To split a route you must open a new or existing route in the Route Planner.
  • Click Split Route on the right hand menu.

  • Click along the route at the place you want to split it. This can be on the route line, on a control point, or on the elevation profile. We recommend zooming in for better control of where the exact split happens.

  • You've split your route! Look to the upper left hand side of the Route Planner, and you'll notice that the original route is no longer being edited. Instead, you'll find two "unnamed routes" here. On your map, the active route is outlined in red, and the inactive route(s) are grey.

  • Give the new route section a name. Pro tip: names like "Day 01" or "GDMBR Leg 1" can help keep track of your sections. If you're adding these to an event, they will sort in alphabetical order. 

  • Click SAVE at the bottom of the dialog box to save your active route. You have options here to adjust the route's title, add a description, change the privacy level, or add it to an event. Organization route managers can also save the route to their Organization account.
  • You'll see a dialog box appear to confirm that you've successfully saved your first split route section. Important: click the X in the upper right hand corner of this message to return to the Route Planner and continue saving your other split route sections.
  • Make sure to save all your route sections - if you select View Route before saving your other route(s) then the other route(s) will be lost.

  • Continue saving the other sections. Click "Unnamed route" to select the next route section, then select Save and repeat the previous 3 steps until all your route sections are saved.


Combine Routes

One route to rule them all. Combine multiple legs of a long route, or link up nearby routes to build a totally new route. Note: for mobile app performance, we recommend route lengths of no more than about 400-450 km, or 250-280 mi.

  • Open the Route Planner and click Import Existing (in the upper left hand corner).
  • In the search box, type out the name of the route you want to add. This will prioritize finding routes in your library, but it may also provide some other route options from our public route database.

  • Click each route you want to add to the planner. Once you have all the desired routes selected, click Add to Planner.

  • Click the name of the first route in the left side panel.
  • Then, click the green dot at the start of the next route. Once connected, the second route will turn red to indicate it is part of the first route.

  • If you're combining more than 2 routes, keep the first part of your route selected in the side panel as you combine additional route sections.

  • Now your routes are combined into one route. Let's save this as a new route by clicking Save in the left side panel.
  • To avoid overwriting your original route section, choose Save as New. This saves the combined route as a new route.



Tips for Combining Routes:

  • Make it easier to find each successive route by adding numerics such as "Grand Tour Day 01," "Grand Tour Day 02" or "01 Astoria to Portland," "02 Portland to The Dalles".
  • Routes should end relatively close to where the next route starts. The further away the two points are going to be the more automatic routing there will be between them.
  • Newly created routes may take up to 30 minutes to be indexed and may not show up in the ADD ADDITIONAL ROUTE box until after the index is complete.
  • If you made a mistake when combining routes, click the UNDO button at the top of the right column.
  • Zoom in closely to the point where two routes will meet to be certain you can click the green dot to combine routes instead of just adding a new section of route to the first route.


Change Start or End Point

Loop or Out and Back

  • To change the start point on a loop, open the route in the Route Planner and right click at the place you wish your new route to start. 
  • Choose Make Route Start Here.
  • Save your new route.


Point to Point

  • Open the route in the Route Planner, and drag your start and end points to the desired locations. You might find that adding or removing control points is necessary to help pin your route along the desired course.