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The Cue Review Tool is the best way to ensure your cuesheet is just how you want it. Double check each cue to ensure accuracy and make any changes or corrections you like. You can even add in custom cues and POI while in Cue Review.

The Cue Review Tool is an Advanced Route Planning feature. You can unlock this set of features with a Premium subscription.


Use Cue Review

The Cue Review Tool can be accessed via the website Route Planner. Create a new Route or open an older one and then click Review Cues in the lower left corner of the website Route Planner.

You'll notice changes in both the left and right side panels showing the Cue Review Tool is active. The map will automatically zoom in on and highlight your first cue up for review. 
  • On the right side of your screen, you can change the highlighted cue type, modify the description or note fields, or delete a cue.
  • If your cue looks good, click Confirm to move to the next cue. 
As you review each cue, the left side panel will track completed cues and your progress. 
During the process, you can access a couple of the Route Planner tools, such as adding an additional cue or a POI. Select the option you desire, then click directly along your route to add to it. Other Route Planner options can be accessed once you close the Cue Review Tool. 
When you've finished reviewing your full cuesheet, you'll have the option to return to the Route Planner, save your route, or keep reviewing. Remember to save your route at the end of the cue review process to save any changes you made!


Can I make changes after the review is complete?
Absolutely. You can make any number of changes after reviewing cues. We recommend reviewing the cues after you've made all your changes and you feel the route is "done".
Why won't the cue review tool fix spurs for me?
Some spurs can be intentional by route planners when including water stops, first aid stations, or other features that would require a rider to stop as part of the route. If you'd like to fix errant spurs in your route, check out the Split, Combine, or Change an Existing Route help article. 
I have a Free or Starter account, why can't I see the Review button?
The Cue Review Tool is available for Premium subscribers and all Organization accounts.

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