Manage App Settings

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Customize your RWGPS experience by adjusting general settings, app notifications, logging options, and photo preferences.

Offline Mode is a handy option to help you find your way or record your ride without using cell phone data. Unlock offline maps for navigation with a Premium or Basic membership. 



To find App Settings, tap More at the bottom of your screen > Settings. Note: you can also access settings relevant to navigation and recording, such as Handlebar Mode, directly from the navigation screen by tapping Tools > Settings
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Account Settings

General Settings

Changing your account settings in the app will also update settings on the website. 

  • Update Profile change your username, account email & password, and profile details.
  • Set Home Location tap a location on the map to set your default starting point or home location. Tap Save in the upper right corner to finalize.
  • Default Ride Privacy specify the default privacy for all newly saved rides as Public, Friends Only, or Private.
  • Profile Privacy choose your profile visibility settings or privatize it how you’d like. Learn more about Profile Privacy Settings
  • Data Privacy enable or disable sharing of analytics to help improve Ride with GPS.
  • Delete Account allows you to remove your account entirely from Ride with GPS. Use with caution!
  • Default Gear (Android only) set the primary bike or gear item that is selected by default when a ride is saved. *Note: iOS users can change this setting in your account preferences on the website.


Push Notifications

Push notifications are notifications that appear on your phone's locked or home screen. These need to be enabled for turn by turn navigation, off course notifications, and to send routes to your phone. Android users can control these from the app. Note: iOS users can manage notification settings from the iOS Settings app.
  • Comments recieve an alert on your phone when someone comments on one of your rides, routes, or photos.
  • Segments alerts you when there is an update to one of your segments.

Email Notifications

Enable or disable to receive (or opt out) of email communications from RWGPS.

  • Messages notifies you when another RWGPS account messages you.
  • Comments notifies you when a comment is left on one of your rides, photos, or routes.
  • Site Updates are sent by our site administrators to give updates about our service, such as new features or scheduled server downtime.
  • Segments notifies you when you achieve a personal record on a segment. 

Logging Settings

  • Logging Interval determines how frequently the app will record GPS data, from 1 - 10 seconds.
  • Data Fields configure what information is displayed on the recording screen
  • Auto-pause allows the app to automatically pause the ride recording when you have stopped. 
  • Enable Live Activity enables a live view of upcoming cues and current trip metrics
  • Poor GPS warning (Android only) provides an audio notification if your device has lost a GPS lock.

Interval Alerts

  • Enabled notifies you at regular intervals of the metrics you choose while you ride.
  • Tone plays a tone at the chosen interval, along with the selected metric announcement.
  • Type choose notifications for Distance or Time intervals.
  • Interval Spacing determines how often you get the selected notifications.
  • Announcement Content allows you to choose the specific metrics you wish to hear for the whole ride, per interval, or both. 


  • Only Upload Over WiFi enables photos to upload only when connected to WiFi. This helps avoid slow uploads and cell data overage charges. 
  • Upload Size determines the photo quality and size of the upload. The app defaults to HIGH. The maximum width of each setting is High = 3072 (default), Medium = 2048, Low = 1024
    • Note: Uploading full-sized photos will use more network data. You may want to use Only Upload Over WiFi with the High setting selected.
  • Find Photos Taken Outside of App (Android Only

Learn more about photo settings and adding photos to a ride or route via the app



  • Replace elevations uses elevation data from the map source rather than the elevation recorded by your phone's GPS hardware. This is useful for older phones, or in areas with high trees or buildings that could diminish GPS signal. 
  • Publish rides to Health app (iPhone only) syncs the distance and duration of your rides to the Apple Health app. Only new rides recorded by the Ride with GPS app will get synced to the Apple Health app. This does not retroactively sync your ride history nor rides recorded by other devices.
  • Publish new rides to Google Fit (Android only) syncs duration and distance to Google Fit. Only new rides recorded by the Ride with GPS app will get synced to the Google Fit app. This does not retroactively sync your ride history nor rides recorded by other devices.

Navigation Settings

All navigation settings options are enabled by default, but can be disabled if you choose. You can also adjust the timing of navigation alerts, the type of alerts, and how they sound. You can even disable navigation alerts altogether. 

Check out our Voice Navigation help page for more information about managing these settings.


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Live Logging Settings

  • Enable Live Logging on Every Ride to automatically start Live Logging for each ride.
  • Live Logging Interval sets the amount of time between updates to your Live Log on the website.
  • Live photo syncing upload photos while Live Logging via cell network, even if “Upload Over Wi­Fi Only” is enabled.
  • Speak Comments (Android only) comments on Live Logged ride will be spoken by the app.

Set Up Bluetooth Devices

  • Enable Bluetooth to turn on Bluetooth in the app. Note: this will not turn Bluetooth on in the phone’s system settings, nor will it grant Bluetooth permission to the app. You'll need to enable these separately within your phone settings. 
  • Set up Bluetooth devices to view your paired and nearby bluetooth devices. Tap the device name to pair and save it. Check out our Bluetooth Sensors help page for more information. 
  • Set up Varia Radar: Pair a Bluetooth capable Varia device to see approaching vehicles.
  • Barometric Elevation (iPhone only) uses the device’s barometric sensor to determine elevation. Turn this on to increase accuracy in your recorded elevation.
  • Set Up Apple Watch (iPhone only) to pair your Apple Watch

Enable Use Metric Units

Enabling Metric Units will default everything to the Metric System. When it is disabled, Imperial Units will be used. 

Enable Offline Mode

When Offline Mode is enabled, the app will not use any cell or wifi data.
If you try to access any features that require a network connection, you'll be prompted to go back online. This is a great way to limit the amount of cellular data that your phone uses without putting the device into airplane mode. For navigation in offline mode, check out information on Offline Maps.