Offline Maps

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Navigate routes on your phone, without cell service using the Ride with GPS mobile app. Download turn-by-turn directions and offline maps before any adventure to save data, and battery life. Set your phone to airplane or Offline mode to ride untethered. 

Upgrade to a Basic or Premium membership to download offline routes. Pro tip: for phones without data plans, use wifi to download routes, and upload rides.


Download Routes

  1. Select the route you want to download.
  2. Tap the Save button.
  3. Tap Download for Offline
    Take note: Downloading a route for offline use will also Pin the route to your account.
IMPORTANT: Keep the screen on and stay in the app while downloading. If you leave the app screen before the "Downloaded" message, the maps will not finish downloading.

Access Your Offline Library

  1. At the bottom of the screen tap the Library icon.
  2. From the top option, select Offline.
  3. Tap the three-dot icon on the right to show the menu options. 



 Navigate in Offline Mode

  • Put your phone in Airplane Mode, or set the app to Offline Mode (under More > Settings). 
  • Access a route from your Offline library (see above for steps).
  • Tap the Navigate button to start voice navigation.
  • Tap the Remove option to remove the downloaded copy from your device.
    This will not delete or unpin the route from your account, but will only remove the offline copy.
  • Use the three-dot menu on the right side of the route to Share, Navigate, Remove, or Unpin.

Download Event Routes

  1. Open the event.
  2. Tap the menu icon in the upper right corner.
  3. Select Download All.
    You'll be taken to your Offline Library section and see all the routes queued up for download.



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have too many routes in my Offline Library?

After using an Offline Route for navigation, it is best to remove it from your Offline Library and not use it to store routes that aren't being used. Offline routes are stored locally on your phone and too many routes in the Offline Library can potentially take up valuable phone storage space.

Can I change the downloaded map type?

At this time the map type is restricted to RWGPS which is based on the Open Street Maps data.

Why is my offline map blurry? 

Make sure your map type is set to RWGPS, this is the only map layer that will download. We provide up to 17x zoom on these downloaded maps, and you'll be able to view all map names and features clearly, but after the 17x zoom level you will experience some pixelation.

What is the range of the offline map tiles?

The maps will download for the entire length of the route and about a screen's width from the route. This will give you enough map to get back on track should you miss a turn or want to explore a bit.

Can I just download an entire state/country?

Not at this time. Map tiles are linked to the route itself.

How do I delete an Offline Map?

When viewing your Offline Library, tap Remove.

How much data will this use?

The data usage in downloading a map will vary depending on the length and geographic coverage of a route. A typical 60 mile route will take about 20MB of space. With a broadband connection speed, the download should only take a couple of minutes, but make sure to wait until it says "Downloaded" before starting navigation or activating Airplane Mode.

How do I update downloaded maps?

Viewing the updated route on your device while you are connect to cellular or wifi will automatically update the route that you have downloaded.