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Use the Ride with GPS mobile app for iPhone and Android to record your trip. Turn on auto-pause when you want to record only your moving time.  Utilizing auto-pause will eliminate your stopped time at water breaks, red lights, viewpoints, etc.  When you want your recorded time and metrics to reflect only your riding time, use auto-pause. 

Note: Auto-pause is calibrated for cycling speeds, so if you are recording an activity on foot, you'll want to turn auto-pause off. 

What is Auto-Pause?

Auto-pause prevents the app from recording whenever you stop riding. This helps you keep your ride stats accurate, and eliminates what we fondly refer to as a "spaghetti blob" in your track line. While you are on the recording screen you'll see auto-pause enabled when the banner that appears on the map. Once you start moving again, this banner will disappear.


Enable Auto-Pause

Within App Settings

  1. Tap More in the lower right corner.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap Logging.
  4. Tap the Auto-pause option to toggle on or off.


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During a Ride

You can toggle auto-pause on or off while you are recording (not actually pausing the ride) by:
  1. Tapping Tools at the bottom of the screen
  2. Tapping the Settings icon 
  3. Toggle Auto-pause.

Auto-Pause Reminder

When auto-pause has been activated on a ride and you've been sitting in one place for a while, a notification will appear on your lock screen to remind you that you are recording a ride and that Auto-pause is engaged. This reminder will appear every 30 minutes, as long as you are stopped.
This can help keep you from accidentally recording a ride in one place and draining your battery when accidentally left on too long. Although the ride is paused, the GPS is still active and using power. This is a gentle reminder to either get going again or stop recording and save your ride.