Collections for Clubs

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Collections are a great way to bundle similar routes to share with your members or the general public. Group together your best hilly routes, routes starting from a certain part of your town, gravel routes, and anything else you'd like. Your members will be able to access any public or Members Only Collection from your Club Account and Club Mobile Homepage.

Create a Collection

  • Log into the Club Account by clicking the orange Sign into Club button
  • Go to Collections
  • Click 'New Collection'
  • Fill in a Title and Overview, set Visibility, add an optional Cover Image, and enable/disable an overview map
  • Click SAVE to finish.


Import Routes to a Collection

  • While viewing the collection, click 'Import Routes & Rides'
  • Type in the name of the route into the search field
  • Click each route you want to add. You can add anything from your club's routes list as well as any public rides and routes from anyone on the website.
  • Click Add to Collection to finish.


More Ways to Add to a Collection

Route Managers can also add routes from the club's route library page to an existing Collection:

  • On the Routes page, mark the checkboxes of the items you want to add to an existing Collection. Once you have clicked at least one box, the 'Add to Collection' option will become active at the bottom of the table.
  • Click 'Add to Collection'
  • Select the Collection you want to add the routes to
  • Click Add


Edit a Collection Name, Photo, or Description

When viewing an individual collection, at the top of the page click Edit Collection Details.

You can then change your collections name, description, visibility, photo, or enable/disable a map.


Remove Rides and Routes

Hover your mouse pointer over the ride or route to be removed then click the trashcan icon.


This action only removes the item from the collection and does NOT delete the route or ride.


Reorder Routes

While viewing the collection, drag and drop the rides and routes into the order you prefer.

Use Collections

View the Map

  • While viewing the collection, you will see all the items added on the map.
  • Click on the individual rides/routes on the map to get quick details
  • Click View Route to open the full view and metrics of the route.


Share a Collection

  • While viewing any of your Collections, click the SHARE button.
  • Share it view Facebook, Twitter, or copy the URL to paste into email or however you wish to share it.
  • Once you share a collection, anyone with the URL can view this collection, even if it is set to Members or Managers Only.


Your club members will be able to view your public and Members Only Collections from our mobile app. Learn how club members use Collections.

Share All Club Collections

  • While viewing your club's Collections overview page, click the SHARE button.
  • Share it view Facebook, Twitter, or copy the URL to paste into email or however you wish to share it.
  • This link will allow anyone to view your club's Collections that match the viewer's visibility. Public Collections will be visible to anyone, club members will be able to view Members Only Collections, and Route Managers will be able to view all Collections.