Part 4: Club Events

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Coordinate rides, meetings, and social gatherings for your club by creating Events. You can create a simple event for a meeting, or you can create an event page that includes associated routes. After you create an event, it will show up on the Event Calendar for your club. You can also export the calendar and allow your members to RSVP to event pages.


Only Route Managers can sign in as the club account to administer the club events.

Event Calendar

There are two types of events that can be created.
1. Simple Event
2. Event with Routes

Simple Events

Simple events are created very quickly by clicking on a date on the calendar, entering a time, and a description about the event. These are great for scheduling club meetings, social gatherings, or other event that does not have a route associated with it.

  • Sign in as the Club account
  • Click any date on the calendar. A plus sign (+) will appear on the date.


  • Fill in any details of the event like the time, all day, and a description.
  • Set the event privacy to Public, Club Members, or Route Managers.
  • Click Save when finished.


Click the Event name for details about the simple event.


Create an Event Page

You can create an event for your club, these events can have multiple route options but take place in a particular date.

  • Select the routes you want in the event by clicking the check box on the far left.
  • click Create Event just below the Route Library


The event details form will list all the routes to be included in the event.
  • Give your event a name.
  • Set a date for the event.
  • Uncheck All Day to set a start time.
  • Optional: Automatically remove participants. This will clear the participant list at 14 days, 30 days, or 60 days after the event end date.
  • Optional: Require Name and E-mail to RSVP. This will require participants to enter their first name, last name, and e-mail address. Having this enable will then display this information in the event participant list viewable only to route managers.
  • Select the privacy for the event.
    Will it be public, Club Members, or private for route managers only?
  • Click Save when you are done.


You'll be taken to the event page where you can add even more information and more routes. Click Show All on Map to see the routes all on one map.


After you have saved your event, it will show up in the events section for that month. So if you've planned it in a month that is not in the current month, click the left and right arrows to go to that month of the event.


Setup Repeat Events

You can create a single event and create duplicate events to repeat as often as you’d like. Create events to run every week, every month, on certain days, or whatever works best for you and your organization.
  • Create or view an event from your club's account and click Edit Event Details
  • Give the event a start date.
  • Select whether you'd like the event to repeat weekly or monthly and configure your options



Save Route to Events

After planning a route, you can save it to an event from the save form. You can either save this route to an existing event, or create a new event and save to that.
  • Click Save in the upper left corner.
  • If you are planning a route from your personal account, rather than the Club Account, when the prompt for a route name and more details pops up, go to the drop down list for Account and select your Club Account from the list. If you are logged into the Club Account you can skip this step.
  • Click Organize in Events, then select which event you'd like to save this route to. If you'd like to create a new event from the save form, click New Event.
  • Click Save one last time to finish.



Add Organizers to an Event

You can list organizers on your event so all your members know who is leading the rides.
  • Create or view an event from your club's account and click Edit Event Details
  • Type the first 3 characters of the member you'd like to add, select their name from the list, and click enter. You can add as many organizers as you'd like to your event.
  • Once you save the event details, the organizers will be listed for anyone viewing the event.



Set Official PDF

With the club account, you can set an Official PDF so your riders can download a customized PDF map with a click of a button.
  • Click Print PDF from any of your organization’s route pages

To learn more about creating and customizing your PDF cuesheet.


  • Configure your desired settings and click Set as Official PDF.

Riders will be able to download your Official PDF directly from the event page and from the route page.

  • To remove your Official PDF settings, click Remove Official PDF.



Event List View

Toggle between calendar view or list view in the upper right corner of the events section.
List view will show all the events that are dated and un-dated.

Tag Events

From the Event Library using List View:
  • Select the events you wish to tag.
  • Click Set Tags
  • In the Event Tags field, type in the desired tag or click to show the list of available tags.
  • After you have typed a tag, press enter to complete the tag. It will appear in a small box.
  • Repeat these steps to add additional tags to the same event.
  • Click the Add tags button to finish adding the tag to the event or click Remove tags to remove the tag from the event.



Archive Events

Events can be archived from the event list. These events will not be visible to club members for viewing on the web or app. These events can be added back into the event list for use by members. Only a route manager will have access to these options.
  1. Select the events you want to archive by clicking the checkboxes adjacent to their names
  2. Click Archive at the bottom row beneath events list
  3. View your archived events by clicking View Archived Events in upper right
  4. Events can be unarchived with these same steps from the View Archived Events page




Invite Participants

After you have added all the routes to your event page and are ready to share it with participants, follow these steps to share a link for riders to RSVP to your event.

  • Click Invite Participants to get the private link to invite riders.


  • You’ll copy then paste this link into an e-mail that you would send out to riders to be invited to the event.


  • When this URL is clicked, it will automatically RSVP that rider and add them to the participant list. When riders have RSVP’ed to an event, they will be sent a confirmation email linking back to this event.
  • When you send out the auto-approval link to your event participants, we recommend also sending them a link to the participant benefits page as well to give them an overview on features they’ll have access to and how to use those features.


  • Participants will see any upcoming or recently RSVP'ed event on the Events section of their dashboard. To view all other events, click the View Events link.



Manage Participants

After you have invited riders to your event, you can see who has RSVP’ed and manage their access.

Click Manage Participants to see who has already RSVP’ed for your event. Rider information can be viewed, a tag can be added, messages can be sent, access removed, or the rider can be unexpired from the event.


Export Your Club Event Calendar

You can share your Club's event calendar with another service like or Google Calender. Any new club events you create will then get synced automatically.

    1. Just below the calendar, click Export Events 
    2. For Google Calendar, click the Settings Cog in the upper right. For Outlook, choose File > Open and Export
    3. Click Import and Export
    4. Click Select File From Your Computer
    5. Choose the .ics file you just downloaded
    6. Click Import

Get step by step instructions on importing your Ride with GPS Calendar to your own Google or Outlook calendar at this link: Importing the Club Event Calendar.


Events on the Mobile App

After you have RSVP'ed to an event, you can view the event page and routes on the mobile app for iPhone and Android.

  • Tap More in the lower right corner
  • Tap My Events
  • Select the event to which you have RSVP'ed.

In this list, you'll upcoming events, current events, and past events.

  • From this list of routes under the event, select a route.
  • Start navigation by tapping Navigate.

Check out Starting Voice Navigation in the mobile app for more information.

If you no longer wish to participate in the event or just want to remove it from your list of events, tap the three dots in the upper right and tap the Remove Me link for that event.


Copy Events

You can copy an event to re-use the event description and list of routes.

  • You must be signed-into the club account.
  • Open the event to be copied.
  • Click Copy Event in the admin options above the event details.
    If you do not see this option, then you may not be signed into the club account or you may not have permission to copy events.




Event Planning Tips

  • Name your routes starting with a number to help keep them in order and make them easier to find. If you have over 9 routes to sort, number them as 01, 02...09, 10...and so on.
  • Include some basic info in the event page like how to formally register, official site, expectations, predicted weather, anything your think the riders should know prior to the event.

To get started with your own club account, Start here.

If you have any questions about a club account, contact Club Support.