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Explore the map to discover your next great ride -- courtesy of the best and largest public bike route library on the internet.

Use our Route Planner to make edits to any route you find on the website. You can navigate your finalized route using our in-app turn-by-turn directions, which are enabled with an upgraded membership.  


Ready to Explore?

Open the Explore page to begin searching for your next route. Dial in the results by applying filters, or click, pan, and zoom to search new areas of the map. Select a route to view photos, metrics, route reviews, and the elevation profile.

Pro-tip: Set your Home Location to have Explore open where you ride most. If you haven't yet established this in your account preferences, you can do so at https://ridewithgps.com/settings/location.  


Route results are highlighted on the map in red, and in the left side panel. Click on any of the results to view a preview card with metrics, elevation profile, and surface type.  Upgraded members will also see Estimated Time -- a personalized number based on historic ride history. Dive into even more detail with the route reviews and photos. 
Quickly save, share, or edit the route with action icons in the upper left of the preview card. Use the pin icon to save the route to your account or sync with your device. Click the three dot menu to open it in the Route Planner to make changes, or scroll down to find the View Full Route link and open a full page view.

Search the map

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Premium subscribers gain access to the most precise search tool for finding routes — Inspect Routes Here.  Click anywhere on the map, and choose Inspect Routes Here to see a list of routes that pass through that point and match your search criteria. Discover the perfect route by toggling on heatmaps to transform Inspect Routes Here into a route-finding microscope in the most popular cycling areas.


For a larger search radius, click anywhere on the map, and use Explore Nearby Routes. This function uses the ‘Starts within’ filter to set the search field. Pan or zoom out on the map to search new areas of the map. Click the Search This Area button to find top routes in the viewport.

Discover the right Route

Filter by keywords and specifics like location, length, surface type, and how much climbing is involved.


Location - choose a primary location, and a distance radius. This will return routes with a start point within the set distance from your primary location. 

Length - move the slider to specify the total distance range for route results.  

Elevation - move the slider to specify the total elevation gain range for route results. 

Surfaces - check boxes next to the surface types you want included in your results.

  • Paved = 0-2% unpaved
  • Mostly Paved = 2-15% unpaved
  • Mixed Surfaces = 15-85% unpaved 
  • Mostly Unpaved = 60-95% unpaved
  • Unpaved =  95-100% unpaved 

Route Type

Check the boxes to select routes types to be included in your search.

  • Loop Routes must start and end within 10% of the distance of the route, or 4 miles, whichever is shorter.
  • Out & Back Route appears to overlap itself at least 65% of the time then we call it an out & back, otherwise it’s a loop. 
  • Point to Point If route does not overlap start/end, it is a point to point.

Only Show

  • Routes with Turn by Turn Directions - check this box if you want to navigate using your Ride with GPS app. 
Find out if others found a route worthwhile, or perhaps get a preview of what you might experience on the ground, by checking out Reviews


What is the difference between a ride and a route? 
Unless you choose the "only show turn by turn routes," you may get both ride and route results from the Find page. 

A Ride is a recording/activity from a GPS unit or mobile app that contains a path with time information.

A Route, unlike a ride, does not have any time information associated with it. A route also typically has a cuesheet which is required for voice navigation.

A route is desired for navigation purposes. However, a ride can be converted into a route if desired.

How do I find a specific route?

Try searching for the name of the route using keyword search, and make sure you don't have any filters enabled that might restrict your results! These will show up as word bubbles underneath the keyword search box, and can be removed by clicking on them. 

Why can I only find results in one area?

Double check your search location (this will default to a 10 mi / 15 km radius of your Home Location). Use the keyword search bar, or the map itself, to zero in on a different location. 

Can I get back to the old Find page?

You can still access this here: https://ridewithgps.com/find