Part 5: Tour Account and Event Backups

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As your Tour account Route Library grows and more route managers make changes to routes, you will want to periodically create backups of your Route Library and events. This way if a route or event inadvertently gets changed or deleted you can quickly restore the route or event.

Only members with the Route Manager ability will be able to perform a backup or restore on the Tour account page. 

Back Up Your Tour and Event Routes

  • Sign into the Tour account
  • Click Route Library and check the boxes next to all the routes you wish to backup. If you click the very top checkbox, all routes will be selected.
  • Click backup at the bottom



  • A prompt will appear indicating the backup has started.


  • Scroll back up to the top of the Tour account page and click the backups button.



  • You will see a list of all the backups available for download.
  • Click the backup file you wish to download. Depending on your web browser, this file will download into your local computer's download folder.
  • At this point, the backup file is on your computer to do with as you please.



Restore Routes from a Backup

All restores are non-destructive. This means if you restore a route that still exists in the Route Library, it will be restored as a duplicate of the existing route, rather than saving over the existing route. If you back up all routes then restore all routes then you will end up with duplicates of all routes.

You can only restore one route at a time.

  • First, unzip the backup file that you downloaded. These ZIP files will contain the individual routes to be restored.

Each JSON file in this example represents a single route.


  • Click the choose file button to select the individual route to be restored. You can only restore one route at a time.

If you are restoring a backed up event, you will have the option to restore the URL, participant list, and invite code with a checkbox.

  • Click the restore from backup button to initiate the restoration.



  • You will see a prompt indicating that the restore is complete.


  • You will get an error if you try to upload the ZIP file instead of the JSON file.


  • If you restore a route that was never deleted, you'll now have two copies of the route. The restored version of the route will have today's date as the created on date.


Back Up and Restore Events

Each individual event page will have the option to be backed up as well. This backup will include all the details of the event page, the URL, participant list, invite code, and all the routes associated with the event.

  • Open the event page.
  • Click the Backup link under the admin area.


  • You'll find the Event Backups in the same page as the rest of your backups and can restore the event in the same way.
  • When restoring events, you'll have the option to also restore the unique invite URL and participant list that was populated at the time of the backup.


Auto Backups

For organizations interested in automatically backing up and storing their routes and events, we’ve added an additional option to automate this process as often as you’d like. You'll see the frequency the backups occur and how any backup links you retain. There is no limit.

Contact us for more information and to enable auto-backups on your account today.

Automatic Backup Options:
Scheduled Backup Example: