Part 1: Tourism Account Setup

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The Tourism account is where you will plan and organize all of your routes, and create and manage all of your business information in the new POI Library. First, you’ll want to set up some info on the account to help you plan routes, upload a logo for PDF maps and cuesheets, and other resources.

Need help using your Tourism Account, email us.

Get Started with your Tourism Account

Once you’ve created an Tourism account, visit your Tourism account page:

  1. Sign in to your personal account and scroll down under the Profile tab to your Tourism section in the left side panel.
  2. Your new Tourism account will appear in this section with a Ride with GPS badge (a default that will be replaced by your Tourism page logo).
  3. Click on the badge.


  • Once you've opened the Tourism account page, log in by clicking the button reading Sign into Organization.
  • The profile image displayed in the top right corner will change when you log in to your Tourism account. If you have uploaded a logo, you will see your logo. If you have not uploaded a logo, you will see the Ride with GPS Tourism badge.


Set Up Your Tourism Account Profile

Your Tourism account profile page will be mostly blank, except for a default account description, when you first open it; add contact info, a description of your organization, links to your website, logo, and a cover image.

To edit your Tourism account profile, click the settings button.
You can set up your Tourism account page with the following settings:
  • Name: The name of your Tourism organization
  • Subhead: A single sentence to describe your organization or region
  • Facebook URL: Link to your Facebook page.
  • Twitter URL: Link to your Twitter feed.
  • Instagram URL: Link to your Instagram feed.
  • Contact Name: The name of the organization admin members should contact with questions.
  • Contact Email: The email of the organization admin members should contact with questions.
  • Logo Image: A squared image of your logo.
  • Cover Image: A photo to represent your organization or region.
  • Time Zone: The time zone you wish to use for your account.


Description: This is where you will give more information about your organization and region. Provide as much or as little information as you like. While most visitors will interact with your routes via the embeds you post on your own website, some may also visit your Tourism account page on Ride with GPS. Also be sure to include a link to your own website, and any additional websites you’d like to promote.
Make sure to click Save when you are finished with your changes.
Now that you have set up your Tourism account page and configured the settings, it’s time to set up your Route Library.

Next up:  Part 2: Tourism Route Library