Routes and Guide Pages

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Create Routes and Guide Pages in a Ride with GPS Experience.


After an Experience is created, you can add any routes that are part of your Route Library at any time.

  • Click the Routes tab on the left.


  • Click Import Routes. Here you can search, filter, and select routes from your route library.


  • Start typing in the name of the route you want to import.
  • Click each route you want to add, you can add as many as you want.
  • Click Add to Experience to finish the selection and import.


Remove routes from an Experience

  • Click or hover over the route to be removed
  • Click the trash can icon and confirm the removal. This only removes it from this Experience and does not delete the route from the Route Library.]


Change Route Ordering

The routes may be in alphabetical order, but you want to put them in order which they will be ridden.

You can manually switch the ordering of routes by clicking and dragging the arrows next to each route name. The new ordering is saved automatically. This is the order the guest will see and will be unable to change, filter, or sort.

Guide Pages

Guide pages can be used to add info accessible offline to your guest. Use this section to add import schedule information, addresses, recommended restaurants, and other important information. You can format text, add links and phone numbers, link to your routes, add elevation profiles, photos, and more. You can add a headers and drag sections to be listed underneath the headers for better organization of your content.

  • Click the Guide tab on the left.


  • To add a new Header or Section, enter a title and click Add Header or Add Section. Headers are guide sections you intend to add list other sections underneath.


  • Add text to the new guide page as you see fit.
  • Highlight text to see the available formatting options.
  • Using the toolbar at the top of the guide page editor you can add the additional formatting
    • Turn highlighted text into a header
    • Add a numbered list
    • Add a bulleted list
    • Remove any formatting
    • Add a line break
    • Add images that can be static, dynamic (allow pinch to zoom interaction), and turned into a link
    • Add route embed that links to your Experience routes
    • Add elevation profile from your Experience routes


  • While you work on your guide page, your changes will be auto-saved.


Nest Guide Pages

Nesting your guide pages allows you to group and organize your guide pages together.


To nest your Guide Sections under a Header follow the steps below:

  1. Enter your Header title and click Add Header.
  2. Enter your Guide Section titles and click Add Section.
  3. Click and drag any Guide Section and drop it underneath any Header you would like the Guide Section to be listed beneath. (You will see a blue dotted line to indicate your drop zone.)


Link Routes in Guide Pages

Linking your routes to an Experience guide page allows your guests to see the route information and access the routes from one of your guide pages.


To link a route to your guide page follow the steps below:

  1. Within the guide page editor, move the cursor to where you'd like the route link to be added.
  2. From the toolbar, click the add-route icon.
  3. Select the route from your experience you would like to add to the guide page.



You can edit or delete the route link by editing the guide section, clicking on the route link, and clicking edit or delete.
Once you have linked all your routes within the guide page, you can choose to remove the View Routes section from the app. Only toggle this option off if you have linked all your Experience routes within your guide page and you'd like to not have the route section on the Experience home page.

Add Elevation Profiles to Guide Pages

To add an elevation profile to your guide page follow the steps below:

  1. Within the guide page editor, move the cursor to where you'd like the elevation profile to be added.
  2. From the toolbar, click the elevation profile icon.
  3. Select the route from your Experience you would like to add to the guide page.



You can edit or delete the elevation profile by editing the guide section, clicking on the elevation profile, and clicking edit or delete.

Live Guide Section

Live Guide Sections allow you to make updates to the section without needing to republish your Experience or have your riders download updates. Accessing a Live Guide Section is much like accessing a webpage. Updates will require that your riders have internet access.


To make a guide section live, follow the steps below:

  1. Create your guide content as you normally would.
  2. At the bottom of the section, click Change to Live Section.
  3. Click the Save button to save your live guide page. Unlike an offline guide page, live guide pages are not autosaved and much be saved manually.


Within the app, Live Guide Sections will show an orange dot on any section that is live.


Changing a guide page from Offline to Live will require you to republish your Experience.


Reorder Guide Pages

Guide pages are in order in which they are created. If you want to change the ordering in which they will appear in the apps click and drag the arrow icon. The new ordering will be saved automatically.