Share, Message, and Manage Access

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Use Ride with GPS to communicate and share tour content with your guests.

Share Experiences

Once an Experience is published, you can share access by providing the share page URL, the shortcut code, or the QR code. We generally recommend using the share page as it gives users easy access to all the options.

  • Click Shortcut Code and QR to access and customize your shortcut code and QR.
  • Click Share Page to customize your share page.
  • Click Tour Embeds to generate an iframe embed you can add to your website.


Shortcut Code & QR

On the Shortcut Code & QR page you can choose whether you want to use an Unlimited Use Code, generate Limited Use Codes, customize your Shortcut Code, and download QR images.

  • Unlimited Use - Unlimited use allows you to share one shortcut code and unlimited number of times.
  • Limited Use - Limited use allows you to generate a specific number of codes and control how many times each code can be used.


Unlimited Use Access

Unlimited use allows to use one shortcut code an unlimited number of times. This is the easiest option if you don't need to closely manage how many times your Experience is accessed.

  • Creating a Custom Shortcut Code - The system will generate a shortcut code that you can use. If you prefer to customized your code, you can do so by entering a new code and clicking Save. This will also generate a new QR image as the code will be embedded within the QR image.
  • QR Image - In addition to being able to enter the Shortcut Code, your customers can also scan a QR you provide to them. You can download the QR image to send via email, insert on your webpages, or print to make available in person.


Limited Use Access

Limited use codes allow you to generate as many codes as you'd like for the same Experience and control how many times each code can be used.

  • Generate limited use codes - Select the number of unique codes you would like to generate and click Generate limited use codes. You can create an unlimited number of codes and add additional codes as needed.
  • Access Limit - Access limit allows you to define how many times each code may be used. You can control adjust this number for each code as needed.
  • Times Used - Times Used tells you how many times each code has been used. Once the times used is equal to the access limit, the code can no longer be used.
  • Share - Share allows you to generate a share page for each specific shortcut code. You can configure the page using the Share Page configuration on the Share Card.
  • QR Code - QR Code allows you to download a QR image for each unique code.
  • Remove - Remove allows you to remove any unused codes. Once a code has been used at least once, it can no longer be removed, but can be disabled to prevent further use.
  • Export CSV - You can export all your Limited Use Shortcut codes into a single CSV if you'd like to add them to your sales management system.


Share Page

Configuring the Share Page allows you to control what users see and what they do not.
  • Show date - displays the date if provided on the Experience
  • Show location - displays the location if provided on the Experience
  • Show description - displays the description if provided on the Experience
  • Allow guests to download routes - gives guest the option to export routes as TCX file either individually or as a single zip file.



Once you are happy with all your configuration settings, click the Copy Link button. This will copy the link you'll share with your users. This link will contain the access code as part of the URL. If you update the code, you'll need to send out new links. If you un-publish your Experience, this link will no longer be active.


Message your Experience guests from your computer. They will receive your message as a push notification.

  • Click Messages on the left column
  • Click Create Message


  • Enter message
  • Click Send Message




After you send your message your guests will receive a push notification on their phone and see a banner within the Experience to view the message.

Guest Accesses

You'll be able to see all accesses to your Experience on the Guests tab.


From the Guests page you'll be able to see all accesses for your Experience, the date of the access, any information you've required of your guests, and expiration info such if they are currently expire or not and when they will expire.


You can manually expire guests by checking the expire checkbox next to their access entry. This will remove them from the Experience and prevent further access.


Download Access Report

From the Guests page you can export a CSV of all the accesses for your Experience.


Admins and billing manager for the account can view an overview of all Experience accesses and export a CSV containing the accesses for all your Experience. To access your Experience Billing page go to your Manage Account page and click the Experience Billing tab.