Privacy Settings

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Customize your privacy options to share as much (or as little) as you want with the rest of the Ride with GPS community. 

When you create an account with Ride with GPS, your account and all its contents are set to Public by default. Read on to learn about how to customize your privacy on our platform. 


Set Privacy Levels in the Mobile App

Set Privacy for a Single Activity

You'll be asked to set a privacy level for your activity as you save a ride recording or route. Choose from three privacy level options:

  • Public: Activities will show up in the feed of your Friends and your Followers. The item will be available on our Explore page to all users and appear in internet search engine results.
  • Friends Only: Activities will only be visible to users you've added as a Friend. The item will not appear on our Explore page or in internet search engine results.
  • Private: Activities will only be visible to you. The item will not show up in the feeds of Friends or Followers. The item will not appear on our Explore page or in internet search engine results.

Click to learn more about the differences between Friends and Followers.


You can also open any saved ride or route, and tap the three dot icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen to Edit Details and choose a new visibility level. 

Change Default Privacy Setting

You can change the default save setting for all ride recordings. To access these settings in the app tap More > Settings > Account Settings

  • Tap Default Ride Privacy:
    Select your preferred default privacy setting for all new saved rides as Public, Friends Only, or Private. This setting will apply to all rides saved thereafter, but will not change the privacy setting of previously recorded rides. 
    • Note: default route privacy settings can only be changed on the website.

From the same settings page, you can change your profile privacy setting to limit or broaden who can see your RWGPS profile page.

  • Tap Profile Privacy:
    Select your preferred profile privacy setting.

Set Privacy Levels on the Web

Log into your account at to customize even more privacy settings. Click your profile icon in the upper right corner of your screen > select Settings > Privacy.

Private Profile

Selecting a private profile will hide your profile from everyone, including internet search engines. If you'd like to quickly make your profile private, as well as all of your rides, routes, and gear, you can click "make everything private here" at the top of the page.

Public or Friends Only Profile

  • With your profile set to public, anyone will be able to see your profile, and all items you've saved as public. This includes rides, routes and gear.
  • With your profile set to Friends Only, only users who you've added as a Friend on RWGPS will be able to see your profile. This includes both public and Friends Only content. 

You can also set your default save settings for rides and routes. This setting will only apply to rides and routes saved after this change is made. You can always adjust your privacy setting for individual rides and routes retroactively or during the save process.  

  • Click Default Privacy Setting for new Routes to change how routes are saved by default
  • Click Default Privacy Setting for new Rides to change how rides are saved by default

Don't forget to click Save Changes to confirm your selections!

Opt in to Anonymously Contribute to the Ride with GPS Community

If you'd like to anonymously contribute your ride data to the Global Heatmap, as well as route recommendations and other public community resources, you can do so by checking the Contribute anonymous ride data to community resources box. Note that, by doing this, any Privacy Zones you've created will be respected when your ride data is contributed to the Global Heatmap. Additionally, we obscure the start and end points of all rides when displaying them on the Global Heatmap, regardless of if you have a Privacy Zone set.

Edit Route or Ride Privacy

When saving a planned route on web, you'll be prompted to choose a visibility level. You can also change the visibility level of any saved ride or route by opening it and clicking the Edit button. Make sure to save after you select new permissions. 


Premium members can bulk edit route and ride visibility from their route and ride libraries. Just check off the rides or routes that you want to change, then choose Set Privacy

Protect Sensitive Locations with Privacy Zones

Privacy zones allow you to hide sensitive areas that you travel within such as your home, work, and school. You'll be able to see the full ride recording, but others won't see the sections that pass through your set Privacy Zones.

To access Privacy Zones settings, log into your account at click your profile icon in the upper right corner of your screen > click Settings > Privacy.

Click to learn more about setting up Privacy Zones

Segment Participation and Privacy Settings

All Public rides will match to public segment leaderboards and be visible to other users by default. Private rides will not be matched against a public segment.

If you don't want your efforts to post to public segment leaderboards, you can specify this by logging into your account on the website > click your Profile icon in the upper right corner > click Settings > Privacy > uncheck the option to Show my public rides on segment leaderboards.

Premium subscribers can create Private segments, allowing you to keep all your rides private while still matching to a private segment. You'll only match to yourself with a private segment, so it can be a great way to challenge yourself without the pressure of competing against other users. Click to learn more about creating Private Segments.

Share Private Routes and Rides

Rides and Routes you've saved as Private or Friends Only can still be shared with others using a direct link that contains a privacy code. 

Anyone with this link will be able to see the ride regardless of the privacy setting, so be sure you share responsibly.

To share a private link from the website, click Share in the upper left corner while viewing a route or ride > click Copy Link, then paste this link into your preferred messaging platform. 
To share a privacy link from the app, tap Share at the bottom of your screen while viewing a ride or route > tap Share Link > select your preferred messaging app. 


  • Can I make bulk changes to my ride or route privacy settings? 
    • Premium subscribers can make changes to privacy settings in bulk from the website Ride and Route library
  • My riding partners aren't able to see my routes and rides, even though the items are Public. 
    • Double check that your Profile Privacy setting isn't set to Private.
    • If you have a friends only account, make sure to add the other users as your Friend within your RWGPS account.
  • What's the difference between a Friend and a Follower? 
  • What data does Ride with GPS collect? Does Ride with GPS share my data with 3rd parties? 
    • We highly value your Privacy and strive to be transparent about how we use your data. Click to read more about our Privacy Policy.