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Get rolling quickly and easily by using the Send to Device tab to sync routes seamlessly from the Ride with GPS website directly to your smartphone, Garmin Edge device, or Wahoo GPS.

Access your routes through the Ride with GPS mobile app, and get turn-by-turn voice navigation as you ride. Advanced Route Planning tools and voice navigation are both unlocked with a Premium membership

Send to Device

The Send to Device button is located in the upper left toolbar on any standard route page. Click the button and follow the onscreen prompts to send the route to your iPhone or Android device via push notification. Users with the Ride with GPS app installed will be automatically redirected to the routes by tapping the notification. 




The three dot menu on the right hand side of the Send to Device button allows the following additional options:

  • Send to a different device will help you switch between iOS and Android phones. This selection provides prompts for wireless Wahoo sync and manual export to a Garmin Edge device.
  • More Export Options lets you select from a range of file formats for manual exporting. This can be helpful when using Ride with GPS across different GPS computers. 


Find Sent Routes in the App

  • Sent routes will appear on your phone as a push notification. Simply follow the notification prompt to access the route.
  • You can also find sent routes under Library > Pinned
  • All sent routes are automatically pinned by default for easy access.




Garmin Edge Devices

Make sure you have Garmin Connect enabled. This is a one-time step, so you should be good to go after the connection has been established. 

Once your Garmin Connect account is authorized, you can click Send to Garmin while viewing any route to send it to your GPS device. 

This will automatically Pin the route, and you'll be able to see it on your Garmin device.

Pin Routes to Automatically Sync to your Device

You can also pin any route on web or mobile to sync wirelessly from your Ride with GPS account to your device. In the case of previously pinned routes, you'll want to unpin and re-pin to trigger auto-sync functionality.


Wahoo GPS

Look for your Starred Routes on your Wahoo device:

  1. Press the Routes page on the ELEMNT.
  2. Select sort by Starred.

The starred routes displayed on your Wahoo will be the routes pinned within your Ride with GPS account.




Learn more about setting up your Wahoo ELEMNT or Bolt.


More Export Options

Choose from FIT, TCX, GPX, and more file types for export. An array of standard GPS file types will be available for selection including Google Earth KML, map and profile images. The Send to Device button will default to the last file type exported. You can change this at any time by simply selecting and exporting a new file type. For more on various file formats, be sure to check out this page on GPS file formats.



  • I'm not getting notifications on my iPhone or Android!
    • Make sure you're signed into the app. We use your account to push the route to your phone.
    • If you're signed in, make sure you're using the same account on web and mobile.
    • Easily locate your sent routes within the pinned section of your route library.
  • I don't see my Garmin device listed or I don't have an Edge series device, how do I get a route?
  • Do I need a paid account to use this?
    • You can use Send to Device with a free Starter account, but to use voice navigation or offline maps with our app, upgrade to a Basic or Premium subscription.

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