Route Publication Requirements

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Ambassador routes are vetted, high quality routes that riders can trust. 

Area Ambassadors document their favorite routes to share local knowledge with the cycling community. Using photos, points of interest, and interactive call-outs, Area Ambassadors create comprehensive route guides that links text to elements on the map.  Detailed write-ups from Area Ambassadors give riders context about the adventure and offer insight to terrain, equipment, physicality, and resources/facilities. 



What to include: 

1. Accurate and complete cuesheet

Nearly all routes require some instructions to stay on course, and in order for the rider to navigation from point-A to point-B, the route's cuesheet must be correct. Accuracy and completeness is critical for a good experience on an unfamiliar route. 

For more information about working with cues, check out our help page here


2. Compelling Photos

Great routes have plenty to show off, and most ambassador routes will exceed the minimum, but at least 3 photos are required to generate a postcard for the route. Photos can show terrain, seasonal characteristics, route features, wayfinding elements, and much more. Geo-tagged photos can be added to the route from both the web and mobile app.


3. Detailed description

The description is both a sales pitch and a pre-ride overview. The description should both promote the route with highlights, and give riders necessary information to understand the obstacles they may face so make the right gear choices. The text you write here will be linked to elements on the map to provide an interactive experience for the viewer.  


Think you've got what it takes to showcase the best routes in your area? Apply to our Ambassador program here: