Create an Event

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Create an Event

  1. Log into your account at and click Calendar from your home screen. 
  2. Click Create Event at the top left corner of the Calendar or in the bottom right corner of your screen. 

  • Name your event
  • Select a date
  • Click Create Event


Click Edit Event Details to edit or add more information about the event, including: 

  • Event Name
  • Start and End Date: click the checkbox to set it to All Day or set a specific time.
  • Location
  • Description: provide detailed info about the event like fees, expectations, gear type, and conditions. Paste in URLs to create links.
  • Custom Tabs: click the + sign next to the Overview tab to organize custom information within different event tabs such as accommodations or daily itineraries.

Click save when you've finished adding details to see your changes.


To add routes to your event click Add a route and type your route name into the search bar, then select it from the list.


Click Show all on Map to see all your routes displayed on a single map! 

Check out the example finished event below: 


Check out this additional event example: 

Share your Event

When all your information is ready to go, it’s time to share your event with the world. You can share your event on social networks like Facebook, Twitter. You can also share it on your website with a multi-route embed, or grab a link to the event page and send an email out to everyone who should know about it!
Click the Share link or the Facebook icon at the top of the event page to share your event on another platform. 

Looking to create events for a large group of riders, a community event, or your business? Check out our Event Organizer Account to learn more about how our Organizations tools can be leveraged to provide some administrative support, and unlock free navigation for your riders.