Design Your Postcard

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Your route postcard is a collection of photos that provides a visual summary of your Ambassador route. Take some time to create an appealing postcard for your routes; postcards show up in search results, at the top of your Ambassador routes, and anywhere your route is promoted.
To create or edit your postcard, click the “edit” link next to where it says “Postcard” in your Routes in Progress section.
  • Need to add photos to your route? Click here to learn how to do that.


This will bring up a screen where you can select the layout you would like, using three to six photos in various configurations.
Once you have chosen your postcard layout, choose which of your route photos you want to be featured on the postcard. Move a photo into a spot on the postcard by clicking and dragging the photo to where you want it to appear.
Adjust the placement of your photos in the postcard by clicking and dragging the photo into the position you want within the frame. Zoom in or out on your photos by using the sliders at the bottom of each photo within the postcard editor.

Now that you’ve put together a great postcard, learn how to create a detailed route description in here.

Use the Ambassador route guidelines page for reference when creating your routes.


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