Explore Your Route Library

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Whether you're dreaming about a someday trip, planning your next weekend adventure, or choosing a new route close to home, Map View will bring your Route Library to life.

Premium members can turn on their Personal Route Heatmap and the Global Heatmap in Map View to compare their routes to where folks regularly ride nearby, and search keywords or locations to find the specific route you want. 

Explore Your Personal Route Library

Open ridewithgps.com on the web, log into your account, and click the Routes option from the left side panel. Or, go directly to https://ridewithgps.com/routes. 

The page will default to a List View of your route library. Filter, Sort, and Search to narrow your results. Expand route details using the caret icon to display more information about the activity. 

Don't have any routes? Check out Route Planning 101 to learn how to create one with our Web Route Planner .

Premium members can utilize bulk management tools to adjust privacy settings, add to a Collection, Archive or delete selected items from the routes page by using the checkboxes. 



Interactive Map View

Toggle the Show Map button in the upper right corner of your route library to enable a dynamic map view. Any filter settings entered in List View will carry over to the Map View, and when the map appears, you’ll see green interactive start icons indicating single routes, and numbered clusters representing multiple routes that start from each marked location. The view will open to your Home location (FYI, you can set your Home location here: https://ridewithgps.com/settings/location). If you haven't set a Home location in your profile, your map will open to the location of your most recently planned route.

Hover over individual start icons (green arrow markers) to highlight each corresponding route track in red, or quickly find any routes or groups of routes by panning and zooming around the map to any of the start icons.

The numerical clusters represent the number of routes using a common start point. Click on each cluster for a display card of all the routes contained within. As with individual start icons, hovering over each result within the card will illuminate its corresponding route on the map. 

Show Photos is on for everyone by default. If you have photos with location data added to your route,  you'll see a corresponding camera icon along the route in the appropriate location. You can click on the camera to flip through all photos added to the route. This is a great way to raise awareness about spots that shouldn't be missed, and also perhaps warn of poor trail conditions or other things someone might want to avoid when riding a route.

Learn how to add photos to routes.

Don't want to see photos on your routes? Just uncheck the box next to Show Photos



Personal Route Heatmap

Premium members will see their Personal Route Heatmap overlay on by default (gray lines representing all their saved routes). Use the heatmap to reference your planned routes catalog. Premium members can also toggle on the Global Heatmap to see where other people are riding.  



Inspect an Area on the Map

Premium members can dive into their route library with the Inspect tool, which allows point-based searching to identify routes which pass through a specific point. Using your Personal Route Heatmap for reference, click anywhere on the map to Inspect all of your planned routes that intersect that specified point. The radius of the Inspect tool will be determined by zoom level within the map.

Click any of the resulting route cards to see the trackline on the map in red, or click View Route to be directed to the corresponding route page with additional details.



Compare Routes and Rides

Did you know you can view your ride recordings on a map, the same way you can with your routes? Learn more about Map View on Rides here. Pro tip: open two browser windows to compare ride and route maps side by side. Look back on your past rides while planning your next trip to avoid trails that didn't work out well last time, or find your way back to beautiful views, reliable water sources, or any other key locations that you want to revisit.



  • To enable Map View, toggle the Show Map button in the upper right corner of your route library.
  • Filters set on List View will carry over to Map View, and vice-versa. 
  • Use city and state/province names to search specific locations.
  • The numerical cluster icons on the map represent the number of routes using a common start point.
  • Start locations for individual routes are marked on the map using the green arrow icons.
  • Inspect search radius changes as you zoom in (gets smaller) and out (gets larger). We cap the zoom radius at ~ 1mi.
  • Routes over 1,000 miles (1,609 or so KM) are not added to your Personal Route Heatmap. Check out our Advanced Route Planning guide to learn how to split routes into smaller chunks.