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Edit Recorded Rides

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Adjust ride details to fix recording errors, make notes about your trip, or join multi day efforts together. Small, on the fly adjustments can be made to ride details in the app, and our website offers a host of Ride Clean Up tools that allow for more powerful editing options.

Ride Clean Up tools are unlocked with a Premium Ride with GPS membership. 


While viewing your ride in the Ride Summary Page on the website, click Edit in the upper left corner to make changes to your ride details. 
    1. Quickly edit basic details such as your ride name, add a description, change the privacy and gear, or add photos. Click Save to update changes.
    2. Click More Options to access additional save options including:
      • Associate the ride with a route you've created.
      • Add friends who rode with you.
      • Select a Stationary ride.
      • Join two rides together.
    3. Click Show Metrics to view and edit individual metrics for your ride recording. This is especially useful for manually logged or uploaded rides. Note: Editing any of the distance or time details may have an adverse affect on your ride as these numbers are calculated by the time-stamps in your collected GPS points. If you need to change the length or distance of the ride it's best to use Premium Ride Cleanup tools. 
    4. Check the Replace Elevation Data option just below your map to replace any incorrectly recorded elevation data. Check out our help page on Replacing Elevation Data for more information. 

Be sure to click Save after making changes to update your ride details!

Premium Ride Editing Features

Ride Clean up

Edit in the App

  1. Log into your account on the app. 
  2. Tap More > Library > Rides.
  3. Tap to select and open a ride in the ride summary screen.
  4. Tap the three dot menu icon in the upper right corner > select Edit Details.
  5. Adjust ride details including: name, description, gear and privacy settings, or add a photo.
  6. Tap Update to apply changes.


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