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There are so many routes and rides on the site, it’s no doubt you’ll stumble upon something you don’t want to forget. Pin any routes you want to keep track of, and you’ll easily be able to locate them later.

You can find Pinned routes in the mobile app under Library > Pinned. On web, check the Pinned tab on your Dashboard


Pinned Routes on the Web

We offer a few different options to pin a route on the web:
  • Click Pin when viewing a route or ride in the route summary page.
  • Click a route to view its preview card, and then click the push pin icon to pin a route that you found using Web Explore.

Once you have pinned an item, you can access it via the Pinned tab on your Dashboard homepage.
To remove a pinned item, simply hover your mouse over the item to reveal an orange push pin icon, and click the push pin to unpin the item.

Pinned Routes on Mobile

To Pin a route on the mobile app, open it in the Route/Ride Summary Page then tap Save > Save to Pinned




To view your pinned routes and rides in the mobile app, tap Library from the menu at the bottom of your screen > tap the Pinned tab at the top of your screen.

To unpin a route tap the three dot menu icon on the right of a route name and select Unpin.





  • Check out our help pages on Wahoo and Garmin for more information on how to pin routes and sync them to your GPS computer. 
  • What happened to the route I had pinned in my account? 
    • It could be that the original creator deleted the route from their account. This deletes the route from your pinned routes as well. To prevent this in the future, you can Copy the Route to your route library. 

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