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Rides and routes can be exported from your Ride with GPS account on the web in a range of GPS file formats for use with cycling computers and other navigational systems. We offer TCX Course, TCX History, FIT Course, GPX Track, CSV, or KML file formats. Read on to discover more about specific file types and their applications.

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TCX and FIT Files

Note — generally speaking, TCX files will be the most widely used format across most devices. Check manufacturer specifications if you have questions about file type compatibility for your specific GPS device. 

TCX Course: contains turn by turn navigation data for use with Garmin Edge series GPS, Wahoo ELEMNT, Hammerhead Karoo and other compatible devices.

TCX History: contains ride history, like speed data, date and time, duration, and more. These files do not provide turn by turn navigation. 

FIT: contains turn by turn navigation data for use with Garmin Edge series devices. Generally smaller in size than TCX course files. Some Garmin devices require use of FIT files. 


When to Use a TCX Course or FIT Course File

  • Your GPS unit does not have mapping capabilities, or you have a GPS unit that has mapping capabilities, but you don't have a micro SD card containing mapping information. TCX Course and FIT Course files contain the cuesheet generated when routes that are created in our Route Planner. 
  • Your GPS unit has maps installed, but you have a route containing custom cues to indicate resupply and other stops along the way.
  • You're interested in the training capabilities of TCX course or FIT Course files, using Garmin's Virtual Partner to race against your last recorded time. 


Export and Customize Advance Turn Notification Distance 

Upgraded members will have the option of customizing the advance turn notification settings on Garmin Edge devices anywhere from 5 to 100 meters out from cues in anticipation of upcoming turns, course diversions or complex intersections.

  1. Click the MORE menu in upper left toolbar and select EXPORT AS FILE.
  2. Select the TCX Course file format and check NOTIFY BEFORE TURN.
  3. Adjust the slider to the desired distance then click DOWNLOAD.


When to Use a TCX History File

TCX history files contain data from your recorded rides, such as speed, distance, duration, and sensor data. Export a file in this format to transfer ride information to another platform or application.


GPX Files

GPX Track: contains only the GPS points used to create a route line. Your GPS device will follow this track. We recommend this format for units not compatible with TCX Course files.

GPX Route: only contains cuesheet entries, and relies on your GPS device to calculate a route from one cue point to another. Because of map overlay discrepancies, the route plotted by a GPS unit using a GPX Route file may vary slightly from the route originally planned in RWGPS. Generally speaking, we find GPX routes to be less useful for this reason.


When to Use a GPX File

  • You want to export POI to your GPS device.
  • Your GPS device is not compatible with TCX files.
  • You don’t care about riding a certain speed, and you don’t need the basic turn guidance offered by the TCX format. 

Export POI to a Garmin Device

  • Choose the GPX track file format.
  • Check off Include POI as waypoints.
  • If you also want to export your RWGPS cuesheet, be sure to also export as a TCX Course file. Once you've manually added both files to your Garmin device, you'll see the added POI as waypoints while navigating the TCX route file on your Garmin. 

Manually Load Exported Routes Files on a Garmin Device

Once you have a GPX and/or TCX file for your route, you can load it to your Garmin device for use in the field. Read on for instructions from Garmin on how to transfer these to an Edge device over a USB cable. 


Other File Formats

KML: Not used as an export format for navigation, but a useful export for viewing a route or activity in Google Earth or integrating with other data overlay utilities.

CSV: Comma Separated Values, useful for importing into a spreadsheet program. This export option only includes the cues for printing and none of the navigation for GPS devices or the mobile app.

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