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Organize your routes and rides into Collections for easy access, reference and sharing. Ride with GPS Collections allow users to organize routes according to location, region, country, season, distance, discipline or any desired theme. 

Ride with GPS uses Collections as a convenient way to organize, group, access, and share rides and routes according to any theme or preference. Sort and share multi-day trip itineraries, your region's best gravel rides, or group rides with multiple course options. Collections can be created, managed, edited and shared by individual, club, and organization accounts alike, providing a practical way to present and share routes with friends, family, group ride participants, and your larger community.


Collections on the Web

The Collections tab is found on your account Dashboard menu to the left. Selecting the Collections tab will prompt users with no active Collections to create a New Collection via the displayed button. Users with saved Collections will see their existing Collections displayed in library form.




Create a Collection

  1. Select Collections from your account Dashboard.
  2. Click New Collection.
  3. Title your Collection, add an optional Overview and select a Cover Image. Select whether you would like a map view to be shown, or not.
  4. Click Save to begin Importing Routes and Rides to your Collection.




Import Routes and Rides

  • To Import Routes & Rides either follow the New Collection prompt or use the Import Routes & Rides tab to the upper left to add to existing Collections.
  • Select routes from your displayed route list or use the search bar to locate desired routes.
  • Click to add routes and rides. You can add anything from your rides and routes lineup or any public rides and routes from other Ride with GPS users.
  • Click Add to Collection to finish.

More Ways to Create and Add to Your Collections

Premium subscribers have the ability to add routes in bulk or create brand new Collections directly from the Routes and Rides tabs in their profile dashboard. These enhanced Premium Collection features make it easier and more convenient for ride organizers, event promoters and clubs to manage and edit their Collections.

  • Select either the Routes or Rides page from the left side dashboard.
  • Check the boxes for the desired Routes or Rides to add, which will trigger the Add to Collection tab above.
  • Select the appropriate Collection(s) from the dropdown menu or Add to New Collection.



Share Your Collections

Share any of your Collections on the web using the orange Share icon displayed within the banner image directly below the Collection title. Simply follow the prompt to copy the link URL or share directly to Facebook, Twitter or email. In the Ride with GPS mobile app, share a Collection by tapping the Share icon on the right side of a Collection's cover image.* Sharing enables anyone receiving the link to access your Collection. 




* Note: in the Ride with GPS mobile app, while viewing a Collection, the Share icon will be located in the upper right-hand corner of the cover image. Tapping this Share icon will bring up your smartphone's default share to menu, allowing you to share to contacts, copy the URL, send the Collection via email or any other of your phone's default sharing options.




Collection Map Embeds

Routes and Rides within a Collection will be displayed at the top of the Collection's landing page in a multicolored map embed. Individual Routes/Rides within the map can be actively selected for quick view with course stats or expanded to the full route page by selecting View Route/Ride from the quick view display card.

  • Click on the desired Route/Ride within the map embed.
  • View the Route/Ride stats on the quick-view card.
  • Select View Route/Ride to be redirected to the full route page.



Edit Collection Details

The Edit Collection Details tab located in the upper left of each Collections page display allows users to edit the Title, Overview, Cover Image and enable/disable the map embed display at any time.




Edit Rides and Routes Within a Collection

Quickly and easily edit Routes and Rides within a Collection directly from the Route/Ride list. This is a convenient way to manage simple edits to Collected Routes or Rides without needing to search for the originals within your Ride with GPS account libraries. The Edit function differs slightly between Routes vs. Rides.

  • Hover over the desired Route/Ride, this will trigger an Edit/Remove/Reorder toolbar.
  • Select the Edit (pen) icon.
  • For Routes, this will open the Route Planner to edit your Route.
  • For Rides, it opens the Edit Ride Details page to edit your Title, Metrics and Description.
  • Once you make changes, updates to the Ride/Route will reflect immediately in your Collection.



Remove Routes/Rides from a Collection

To remove Routes or Rides from a Collection, Hover your cursor over the desired Route/Ride, this will trigger the Edit/Remove/Reorder toolbar. Select the Remove from Collection (trashcan) icon. Keep in mind this action will only remove the selected Route/Ride from the Collection. The original will still be available within your Ride with GPS account.

Change Route Order in a Collection

Re-order your Routes and Rides within Collections by simply dragging and dropping into the desired sequence. This is particularly helpful for multi-day trips or for courses prioritized in specific order.


Collections in the Mobile App

All of your Collections and those you follow will be accessible for viewing, sharing and navigation within the Ride with GPS mobile app. The Collections icon is located on the mobile app homescreen.

  • Tap the Collections icon on the mobile app homescreen.
  • Select the desired Collection to view Routes/Rides contained within.
  • Select a Route/Ride to view, Download for Offline use or begin Navigation.



Follow Collections

Users have the ability to Follow any Collection that has been shared with them. This provides easy access to the Collection and contained routes for easy web access and navigation via the Ride with GPS mobile app. While viewing a Collection, clicking the Follow button will bookmark the Collection to your account for easy access on the web or mobile app. Follow as many Collections as you like, the only prerequisite is that Collections must be shared with you to enable following.