Rides vs. Routes

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Ride with GPS allows you to record maps and stats for your bike rides, and create your own routes for navigating future trips. Both rides and routes are saved to your account's library, but they function differently, and it’s helpful to be able to distinguish between the two. 

In a nutshell, it's helpful to think of a ride as a trip taken, and a route as a navigable plan for future outings. Premium and Basic members can access powerful Route Planning tools in our app and on our website, and navigate these on the go in the Ride with GPS app.  


What is a Ride?

A ride is a recording of an activity you have already done. When visiting a ride page, you will see the word “trips” in the webpage URL. Every activity you record and save on the Ride with GPS app or record and upload from a GPS device (such as a Garmin), is saved as a ride. If you upload a GPX or TCX file that contains data such as speed or time, you can choose to save it on Ride with GPS as a ride.

Rides include stats from your trip that can be analyzed for training purposes, or just to keep an eye on how you are evolving as a cyclist. 

If you have a ride that you would like to turn into a route, you can copy the ride to your routes (on the web under More > Copy to My Routes). Please note that in order to add in-app navigation to this route, you'll need to use our Auto-Trace Tool to generate a cue sheet for your route and add in turn by turn navigation. 



What is a Route?

A route is a plan for a ride. When visiting a route page, you will see the word “routes” in the webpage URL. A route will include a path, an elevation profile, and can include points of interest and a cuesheet. Note: not all routes have cuesheets, but if you see a cuesheet, this indicates that you're viewing a route.

You can create your own routes in the route planner, or find and copy routes that other users have created. If you upload a GPX or TCX file that does not contain data other than GPS data (no speed, time, or other data that indicates the file is a recording of a ride), it will be saved on Ride with GPS as a route.

Routes are used for navigation while you ride. With an upgraded subscription of Basic or Premium, you can navigate a route using our app or transfer routes to your GPS device. You'll also be able to print a route map and cuesheet to take along with you on your next ride.